The Outnet Americas Clearance Sale

  1. is this one of the sales where they have an additional 20% off on the last day (or is that Outnet)? It might be worth it to put some things in your cart and see if they get marked down further. Otherwise its a bust for me
  2. I'm pretty sure this is all final sale, right?

    That's always a dealbreaker for me.
  3. I think so - but also, I noticed that sometimes even if not, they tend to give you store credit vs. a refund - something I also dislike
  4. disapointing!
  5. Hm.. This year it might be different. Last time I bought stuff and it said final sale on all the pages.

    This year I cant find anywhere which has "final sale" written on the pages so I'm assuming you can return this year.

    I picked up a couple of dresses, and some Dannijo jewlery.
  6. nothing spectacular.... but i did get the edun macrame dress, and isabel marant skirt, and citizens of humanity jeggings :smile:
  7. On the checkout page it does state it is the final sale and you can't return or exchange. Put me off buying.
  8. that is so lame.
  9. ^^ your link on shows the opening page for the sale....

    played it safe and bought a Thomas Wylde wallet....
  10. When is Outnet international clearance?
  11. Just had another look at the clearance and there is so much still left - usually the majority is snapped up with in the first couple of hours... Wonder if it is because its mainly 80% off instead of the usual 85% or since there is no returns this time... The Outnet clearance is usually one of my favs...

  12. Update:

    Got my Thomas Wylde wallet in Camel and am totally happy :ps:
    Nice leather, very roomy and easy to use with the gussets on the sides, orange silk (?) lining with her skull print......
    For the price point, a steal.

    Included in the box was a cotton canvas The Outnet tote. Nice touch.

  13. ITA - usually not much (if anything) is left because the prices are usually better. This year was disappointing. I submitted a customer survey a while back to the Outnet about how they're prices aren't nearly as good as they used to be...I also miss when they had Louboutins!
  14. I was on the hunt for some leather leggings so I picked some up for $56 by Sara Berman.