The Outnet Americas Clearance Sale

  1. Does anyone know when the US The Outnet Sale is? On Facebook they say to look out for it! So it is obviously any day now!
  2. Cannot wait for this to start woo hoo

  3. It starts tomorrow at noon
  4. Thank you!
  5. Noon which time zone? Thx!
  6. Thank you!
  7. I think EST
  8. It looks like the sale has started, I see the sale prices are up and I just bought an HL dress and MBMJ ipad case!
  9. The sale in running... the selection is not that great... go in through 'shoes' or 'bags' then sort by highest discount xx
  10. Agreed! I've had much better luck with their clearance sales in the past!
  11. Nothing for me this round...thank god. I don't think my bank account could take any more damage after this round of sales.
  12. I'm not impressed - with the selection or the prices - last year I grabbed a Herve Leger for $150
  13. Couldn't find a thing I couldn't live without
  14. Not impressed either. Hope the International one is better. It is usually the same day but at the Outnet they told me could be a few weeks before that sale.
  15. Had my eye on the Alexander Wang Emile Burlap for a while, so glad I got it for 60% off: :smile: Only thing I picked up!