the outlet is just way too close.

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  1. The Waikele outlet is 20 minutes away (with no traffic) and pretty much in my parents backyard, beyond the golf course. I've already gone to the outlet three times in the past two weeks and have gotten bags each time. *lol* Well, I went back tonight since I had mail at my parents house... and I got the Legacy oxford stripe wristlet to use as a wallet in my white Ali and rose Legacy flap. I wanted to get fully "matchy-matchy" wallets for the bags, but the boutiques nor the outlet has anything. So I figure I'll just match the INSIDE of the bags to the wristlet. Haha. I think the little key charm that hangs off the wristlet is really cute!!

    BTW, when I had gone on Tuesday and bought the rose Legacy flap they told me it was the last one... Well, they had another one tonight!! So either the SA didn't really check in the back or they found it under stuff or in a box somewhere. Just thought I'd let you guys know, since some of you are saying it was sold out really quickly and is a limited color.
  2. Maya,

    I'm SOOO jealous! I used to travel to Hawaii for business and I got to go to the Waikele outlet about four times a year. Now I'm in Tennessee and I miss it so much! I used to find such fabulous stuff there. I've shopped the outlets in CA, PA, IL, and TN and I can definitely say that the outlet in Waikele is the absolute best. Thanks for showing us your purchases. I guess I'll just have to drool over what you buy!!!:drool:
  3. Im sooo jealous! I was at woodbury commons just yesterday and as usual the outlet stunk! NOTHING good! they dont carry signature and its really the only one near me- so disappointing! now i want to go to hawaii!!!
  4. yay, i am too close to an outlet too. you should see my i limit myself to once a week though.
  5. LUCKY!

    There needs to be a coach outlet near me!

    The nearest one is like.. 4 hours.. >.>
  6. Please post pics!!!
  7. Must be nice. I have to drive over an 1 1/2 to get to one.
  8. I know the feeling i live 10 minutes away from one.
  9. Yeah, my outlet is 10 minutes away. Very dangerous! The only consolation is that they usually don't have good stuff. I'm not usally a fan of the outlet only bags.
  10. You are lucky, but I am always grateful I dont' have one close, I would probably be bankrupt and divorced!!! :rolleyes:
  11. Hmmm... Yeah, I wonder what all the other outlets carry... Ours is always SO great, but I'm sure they do that to cater to the tourists since they have buses and trolleys that take them from Waikiki to Waikele every single day. The only other Coach outlet I've been to is Vacaville a few years ago when I was driving cross-country, and I don't know if I remember seeing signature stuff... I think it had a lot of holiday and wintery stuff mostly. I'd love to see photos of the insides of all the other outlets!! Hehe... I wonder if I could take photos of the inside of mine if I tell them it's for a college speech or research paper or something. *lol*

    Okay, so I took a photo of the wristlet just now...

  12. Wow, I wish MY outlet was that close...closest is 1 hour away. :sad:
    But then again, I'd be in SOOOO much trouble [not to mention, debt] if Coach was a mere 20 mins away :p

    Congrats on the goods, the wristlet is soo cute!
  13. That's about how far it is from my home to the outlet, but since I spent that long in traffic each morning just getting to work, the drive on Fridays/weekends doesn't seem as bad.

    I'm actually trying to get there this Friday or Sunday. I have a few returns....which also means I can be a lookie-loo for new things!
  14. Darn it!! I went to the outlet today (it's in Old San Juan so parking's kind of a hassle) and I saw NOTHING that interested me. Hubby pointed out a hamptons tote but I didn't care for it. I left sooo depressed...:crybaby: It always has so much nice stuff. It had tons of legacy '06 and '07, Ergos, blue suede Carly but nothing I were lucky Maya.
  15. Ditto. Desert Hills, Camarillo, or that one near Barstow are each about 1.5 hours away from me. Oh well, it's probably for the best :crybaby:.