The other zip up hoodie.

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  1. lol! credit cards: the TEMPORARY fix for your material needs! :yes:

    that's a cool hoodie :]!!!!
  2. it went against my toki charging policy, but alas, it's away again. I figure at least this way, if I don't wear it i'm sure i can sell it easily and make back what I paid, but now that I know XL fits me It's euphoric.
  3. I have been wanting that hoodie- has anyone seen it anyplace else - I need a different size. thanks
  4. Wow, that jacket sure is colorful! Cute and bright! It reminds me of bape.
  5. the guilt set in.

  6. I got one, as well. I have wanted that hoodie for a while. How do they fit? On the large or small size? I hope it works. LOL
  7. i think they're more misses sizes than women's sizes. looks like we got the last of the few they're out of stock now!
  8. Congrats to those who snagged them up :biggrin: Ehh, I think I still want a peach one...just cuz it's pink. I'm not a fan of the all-over print mom has one lol (nothing to do with it, just saying lol).
  9. hehe. i like them because they're really slimming and that whole chubby complex it works!!! i do like the peach but I feel like I'd get it way dirty.
  10. haha i used my mom's a few times...idk i feel too bright in it but its cool if you use it like with a shirt that's one color haha...not like me, i used my toki all-over stones shirt w/ the jacket and a amore bag..that was a no-no lol.

    i will prob wait til the next jacket/hoodie comes out to get one..or get the peach one if i get my job haha.
  11. i need to apply at where you work still, need to do that over the weekend! yea i wore a black t shirt and taught in mine today. who cares if it is 80 outside!