The Other Woman

  1. Do you believe that three people are present and responsible in all love triangles.?

    Why do you think there are women who are ok with being " The Other Woman" ?

    why do competent, intelligent, independent single women still slip into the often dead-end relationship which prevents them finding that special someone who will be there over the holidays and weekends too?
  2. Oh My that is a GREAT question.
    I think ALL people should be held accountable in that type of situation only if the other woman knew that the man was in a relationship.

    When women know that a man is currently in a relationship and still persue him I think it is more about being a powerplay over the woman than it is about actually being with the man. Some women feel empowered when they have acquired a man from another woman.

    The other half of the woman have such low self esteem that they feel they cant get anyone else.

    In either situation its sad and unforgivable.
  3. 1. Yes, all are accountable (or should be)
    2. Because they think all they deserve are leftovers
    3. See #2
  4. I definitely think all 3 people are responsible.

    There's the enabler, the confused, and the one who may or may not know about the other party.

    I think some women are OK w/ it because
    * in their head they think that the guy loves them more
    * maybe they rationalize that they have no time to be in a real relationship so settle for whatever they can get..
    * Maybe the woman is super insecure and has low self esteem issues.
    * maybe the woman is scared to fall in love and puts herself in meaningless relationships.
    * maybe the woman is clueless as to what's going on

    Reality is that there are a lot of men that are hoes. especially in NYC.. not to say that all men are hoes, but there are a LOT.. To meet the right man to settle down with, they have to get the hoe out of them and some men never get it out. LOL

    I think that the environment definitely is a factor here.
  5. I'm not quite sure how the person being cheated on is responsible, guess it depends on the circumstances.
  6. If you are saying that the person being cheated on is always accountable..meaning responsible...I disagree with that.

    Just because someone chooses to cheat does not mean that their SO is doing anything "wrong". Even if you are in a crappy relationship, YOU are still responsible for YOUR actions and no one is "forced" to some people would like us all to believe.
  7. I agree. I don't think the person who is being cheated on is responsible. I feel that it's the cheater and the other woman who are the culprits. I once read a blog where the author said that the person being cheated on must be doing "something wrong" if the bf/gf decided to cheat on him/her and that all relationship is "fair games for the taking" as long as the couple isn't married. IMO, that's the biggest load of crap I've ever read.:cursing:
  8. :yes: I agree 100% :yes: If you are so unhappy with someone, then get out before you cheat. At least have the decency to wait until you break up or seperate from your wife/partner.
  9. I think also, that there are certain woman (and men) who can only get their kicks from breaking up happily married people. Its a power thing (they are probably not doing well career wise), so get their trip from pursuing unatainable people. In the few cases where the husband was to leave his family, you can bet your last dollar that she would lose interest quickly.
  10. True, there're some individuals out there with some serious issues who feel that it's a challenge and that it's FUN to break up people who are already committed. And the whole rationale about how it's ok to breakup couples who are not yet married is just an excuse to justify an otherwise unacceptable behavior.

    I've always wondered who is more at fault: the cheater or the person who knowingly breaks up the couple. I think they're both equally guilty. Now if the person who broke up the couple did NOT know the cheater is already with someone, then that's a different matter.

    What I noticed a lot of times is that the woman who got cheated on often directs her anger at the "other woman". IMO, she should also be mad at her other half because it certain takes two to tangle.
  11. For me, I don't think someone should be seeing anyone else until the divorce is finalized ... Oh you know what really ticks me off? People who said that they cheat on their bf/gf but they still love the person. IMHO, if a person is truly in love with his/her other half, he/she wouldn't cheat in the first place ...
  12. Prada, you always come up with good topics. You should write a column or blog!!!:yes: :flowers:

  13. Thank you envyme. :heart: :shame:

  14. Of course the person being cheated on isn't to blame.. but IF THEY DECIDE TO STILL BE W/ THE CHEATING LIAR after the fact, then isn't it their fault then? I mean some people are sooooo in denial that they have to see their SO in the ACT before really believing it. :wtf:

    I know this girl who has been an idiot because she completely supports her man, gives him no responsibility.. i mean supports him soooo much that she can claim him as a dependent on her tax form.. LOL He stays late all night doesn't come home til the next morning.. OK she lets it go... Sees pictures of him w/ another woman, OK she lets it go.. even talks to the next woman, OK she still lets her go... all because what? i mean how much proof does someone need?

    I don't think it's the girl's fault if her man cheats.. but if she decides to NOT do anything about, then at that point, it is her fault. I think that people cheat because their partner doesn't do it for them.. meaning it's not meant to be.
  15. i dont know how to comment without everyone yelling at em..

    as far as the cheating while still lvoing.. umm i come from a society where its very normal for the man to cheat.. and normal for the woman to accept it.. usually what happens is just that the man wants sex.. unfortanly men are into it and they can emotianlly do it wihtout being attached.

    someoen once said to me.. if a man cheats.. you can forgive ( not every time. but first itme) cuz its only sex, he can get tht anywhere.. but if he is having an affair.. you leave. cuz once a woman has attraced him mentally hes gone. cuz not everyone can do that