The other obsession.......starbucks....

  1. Okay ladies, here is the low-down. I HAVE to have an Iced Venti, four pump, non-fat, no-whip mocha EVERYDAY.:heart: This has been going on for at least the last 3 years straight. I have calculated this and it is easily $90. per month, IF I only have ONE a day. :nuts:
    Just like you will find me with one of my fab handbags, you will find me clutching onto my Starbucks. It is another one of my "comfort" items. As long as I have one around I feel fine, even if I am not drinking it, or can't finish.:shrugs:
  2. Aha i Love Starbucks to!
    i have a Chocolate cream:love:
    But cause it's cold here in England most of the time it makes my hands freezing :sad:
  3. I live in the birthland of Starbucks. One on every 5th corner here.

    I hate Starbucks.

    Very expensive.
    Music is too loud for visiting with a friend.
    They expect you to buss your own dishes.
    They expect a tip!
  4. KAIICHANEL: I understand the cold,numb hands. I always have Iced, winter or summer. I don't like to wait for my coffee to cool down enough to drink it, so it's iced mochas for me.
    PROFNOT: I can understand how you would feel too, but I am always looking for a Starbucks nearby whenever I am out and about. I like to know where they all are in case of a Mocha attack.