the other leather loop?

  1. i'm not sure if this has been posted before.. i tried searching for it but i didn't know what keywords to use :shrugs:

    question: do you keep anything on the leather loop next to the one that the qee goes on?

    i don't know what that other leather loop is supposed to be for, but on my spiaggia gioco, i have these little picture frame things from hawaiian waters :supacool:
  2. aww how cute! I actually don't do anything w/ the extra loop :lol: altho now I will

    ooo ooo I know I'm going to get a bunch of these for it

  3. I used to hang the chains off the second loop with my BVs, but that proved to be more of a bugger than it did to look cute.
  4. I put another qee on the second loop. I buy qee's that I think will match well with whatever bag I have. I'm just missing an extra qee for my Foresta BV and that's it.
  5. heh, they got those keychains now? when i used to work there and take the photos...we only used to have those scopes and regular sized pics lol.

    Anyways, I use other qees or voodoo babies on mine...
  6. You know I never really thought about it... I tried putting a tiny flashlight but the keyring itself scratched the leather when I was putting it on. I'm afraid to do that to any of my newer purses.
  7. i so wish there was a ciaociao qee, i think she would be supercute hanging next to the adios qee!! :girlsigh:
  8. i didn't even know they took pictures! i'm glad they got one of me on the shaka because i don't think i'll ride that one ever again. gives you a serious wedgie :lol:
  9. you mean those thingis you looked inside and saw a blown up picture?? I used to love those because when things weren't digital they'd let you keep that little thing at sea world/knotts/disneyland for free! now you have to pay :sad:
  10. i always wanted to add a 2nd qee, and always worry about leather. How do you guys put it on without scratching the leather???:confused1:
  11. I use a key to hold the keyring open while I slide it on the loop.
  12. thanks!:tup:

    now to buy some qees!:graucho:
  13. I sometimes put those cell phone charms on there because you just loop them on and don't have to worry about a second keyring scratching the leather.
  14. Oh totally! I would love that.
  15. yep i do that too! i put an another qee or cute charm on the other loop.. :p