The other five letter bad word...GUILT...

  1. :shame:biggrin:oes anyone other than myself feel guilty when spending almost $4000.00 on a bag?? Somehow it is a little more re-assuring knowing there are others out there that have a wee bit of a nervousness in their tummy after buying a chanel bag??
  2. Yup. Especially this time around when all the reissue colours look so good. I'm 80% commited to getting a met. purple (20% is the guilt factor) and if I end up getting it, just on Chanel alone that would be $9000 in a month--oh yah, I bought a pearl necklace too, so I guess almost $10,000. Quite scary how the amount adds up no? I'm getting slight chills typing this. Eek..

    But then, for me, when ever I feel mad/sad/frustrated etc. I take a breather and take out my bags (and accessories etc.) and it's an immediate high. Hahahaha. Everyone around me is a non-tPFer and my friends and family all think I'm nuts. :lol::lol:
  3. sure do know what you mean. I purchased 3 Chanel bags within the month of January. I certainly feel guilty and yet I'm still scheming for the next bag! Seriously don't know the meaning of the word "ban" and I need help. :nuts:
  4. The high is temporary until the next purchase...yikes!
  5. tell me about - stop the insanity, please
  6. yes, me too. the amount i spend figure can get a birken. i bought a patent bowler, baby cabas, black caviar e/w with s/hw, metallic black reissue on the way, pearl necklace as well. oops. all in 2 months. its something that you cant stop and control, especially when they are all so nice.
  7. I Am Having Severe Guilt About $2400 So I Can't Even Imagine $4000!

  8. ditto ditto! But, I'm living vicariously though others though!! ;)
  9. Yes. I have spent way too much and am wanting to buy 2 reissues from s/s08. That will probably be it for the year. It's hard to contemplate my yearly budget already spent in February. :sad: But, my wallet will thank me.
  10. I definitely can relate.... guilty... but not too guilty.... :smile:
  11. yeah, but when I open the guilt goes away

    because you know what you can buy with $4000? thats right...a Chanel handbag. anything else is unnecessary
  12. It's understandable, $4000 is alot of money to spend on a bag. But the most important thing is that it makes you feel happy while using and wearing it. Then it's worth the investment.

    But personally I would never spent that much money on a bag, even if it's a Chanel. I would get nightmares about it :nuts:
  13. Same here- but sadly two years ago I would have said the same thing about spending $500 on a bag- now $500 is a steal....ughhh...I love my purses but I miss those days. I hope I never get to the point where spending thousands on a purse doesn't make me feel guilty at least for a little while because with that guilt comes an appreciation for the purse and an understanding that it's an investment to be cherished, not just another "thing" I own.

  14. ROFL. This may just be the best PF quote of all time. :yes::tup: It's certainly my favorite. I love the way you think, girl. :heart:
  15. The sane part of me saying that im INSANE for spending so much....but ive learned to rationalize....:smile: