the ostentatious properties of LV Mono

  1. I started a new job this past week. Instead of using my new Tulum GM, I reached for my trusty Damier Speedy to take to work with me. The Tulum would have been the perfect size, but I just...didn't want to take it to work. It took me a whole week to figure out why: I didn't want to look ostentatious.

    I thought about this for a long time. What was it about the Tulum that made me feel that way? I have a great job at a good company, and it's in a nice professional environment. Eventually I realized that it was the Mono - it's so recognizable as being really expensive.

    I have never been one to follow the crowd, and I am a firm believer in getting something because I love it, no matter what other people think. But the few times I carried the Tulum I could almost feel what people around me were thinking, and it made me uncomfortable. It isn't that I don't think I deserve it - I carry it with complete confidence - but it just felt weird, in a way that's hard to describe.

    The conclusion that I came to is that Mono in large doses isn't right for me. I still love my Mono small agenda and my Pochette, and I adore my Damier Speedy. I love my Cerises Speedy too - it's Mono underneath, but the laughing cherries take away anything ostentatious about it. I am not in any way disparaging those who love Mono and carry it proudly, and I still admire it on other people. I know I'm not among the majority here...but I'm not the only one, right?

    Ultimately I ended up returning the Tulum GM to the store yesterday, which was more difficult than I expected. I felt a little sad, but knew it was the right thing. I'm thinking of replacing it with a leather Dior Gaucho (just as expensive, but less obvious somehow), but haven't decided for sure yet. I may end up with my first Epi instead, or maybe I'll finally get the Duomo...
  2. Get an epi. I started a new job friday and used my MJ MP. However, I'm not scared to use any of my bags. I use what I want and I don't care what other people think.

  3. I totally get how you are feeling--that feeling of being "vulgar" for carrying so much mono was part of the reason why I sold my Viva Cite GM. I loved the look of the bag, but whenever I wore it, I could sense a certain amount of judging from others. I only have a Papillon 30 now in mono, and just yesterday, when I was out shopping with my DH, I felt conspicuous because some people, whether out of curiosity to see if I was carrying a fake, would just stare. I work in education, so I never take the papillon to school, but I have carried my pochettes; the pochettes are less offensive, I suppose, because they are small. I guess that is why I like the Ltd. Ed, like the mono cherry--they don't exactly shriek "LOUIS VUITTON"! Well, except for my Steven Sprouse Pochette, but that is different because he was being ironic.
  4. I agree with elongreach... Epi would be great... :yahoo:
  5. Yep, the Epi line is awesome. Yummy
  6. I can relate to what you have just said. Sometimes, I do not want to be noticed. I love my mono speedy, but is some cases, it is just not right to carry it. I have two friends that are dying of cancer, and when I visit them, I leave speedy at home. I teach in a poor, rural public school. Once again, it is best not to bring this unnecessary attention to myself. That is why I love my epi bags. These bags do not shout LV, and no one will ever guess how much they cost.
  7. I totally understand how you feel. I had a white MC trouville and sold it because I felt like it was "too in your face". After I did, I really regreted it and realized that I really don't care what people think, I LOVED that bag and thankfully was able to buy it back!! I learned my lesson though, you have to go with what YOU love, and not worry about what other people think.
  8. I started a thread along the same lines a while back. I love LV but find the mono line so unsubtle. I feel slightly vulgar carrying it in some company. Maybe because I'm from the school that thinks wealth or privilege should not be flaunted.
    I have a MC speedy and as much as I love looking at the bag have carried it only a handful of times.
    Personally, I will only buy less "obvious" LV peices from now on.
  9. I don't teach in a poor, rural school, but I could hardly lead a class discussion about the pitfalls of a class-based society in Dickensian England with my mono pap 30 sitting on my desk.:Push:

    Epi is beautiful and is on my birthday wishlist! :wlae:
  10. I can relate as well. For example, I still get looks when I carry around my monogram pochette marly, and it makes me really uncomfortable, even though it's not big at all.

    And yes, get an Epi!
  11. I think you will love the epi line. If possible, please post pics.:yes:
  12. I understand what you mean, but it is the monogram that made me feel good about myself after having had a baby. i sold all my coach purses/wallets and bought a cabas mezzo. i'm only 5"1', but i gained a lot of weight/water and for different reasons, have had a tough time losing the weight. (i was running 1/2 marathons 2 years ago.) i would dress nicely and proudly carry my bag. i felt like it helped me to look nicer, since i was not happy with my newfound girth. i offered to get my sister an lv for a present- she informed me that she did not need a nice bag to feel good about herself- which hurt my feelings b/c i was just trying to be nice. and, at the time, i DID need the lv to feel good about myself!
  13. Yes, the mono line does make me feel good. I do enjoy caring it,but at times, it just is not the correct thing to do. Sorry about your sister's comment. Please continue to carry it and feel good about yourself.;)
  14. I am so sorry that you had to return your tulum gm...I was in love with it! but I know where you are coming from. There are definitely different times and places where I feel it is inappropriate or a bit uncomfortable for me to wear/use my LV pieces, so I understand your descision. Since you are looking for an new bag, I recommend you get something from the epi line or perhaps the damier duomo as opposed to the dior gaucho. while that is beautiful bag, I think the damier and epi have much more lasting power and classic style that you can wear and use for years and years to come! best wishes on your new bag hunt!

  15. WOW, that was a snarky comment for your sister to make! My sister, who is fairly well off financially, always buys me nice wallets and other accessories (though she hasn't offered to buy me LV yet) and I love it! I would never say anything like that to her. On the other hand, I do tell her when I hate her lipstick color!