The orphans are gone

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  1. Has anyone noticed that the two BV orphans are gone from the Bluefly website? Remember the boots and the bag trimmed in red and green? They were like a period at the end of a sentence; always the last two items on the last page. I wonder where they went?:wondering:wondering:wondering
  2. ^That`s what i was thinking, too, recently. Gone without a trace. Maybe they were just put to rest at the bag cemetery, because the BF warehouse was overflowing?
  3. I noticed that too - although I keep waiting for them to pop back up after someone rejects them and returns them!
  4. That bag with the red and green had been bugging me for the longest time. A few times it disappeared and then came back (returned?). I hope it's gone for good.
  5. LoL~

    This has got to be the strangest thread ever! We obviously have people checking out BF too often! :lol:
  6. And I find it puzzling why the Carmino Campana is still there..... I thought it would be snapped up almost immediately.
  7. I noticed this too! If not for the fact that I already own a Veneta in Carmino, I would have snapped that up. Anyone care to unveil the mystery of why is this Campana still there?
  8. Is the carmino Campana the one someone here returned because it was somewhat mis-shapen? I can't recall the specific details but have a vague recollection of something like that...

    And for the other orphans, I thought it rather strange that BlueFly never reduced their prices more than a $100 dollars or so... You would think that they would just slash the price to get them out of there!

    And finally - do you think someone bought both the orphans as a combo?!
  9. Oh my!

    Hopefully not. Someone said that no BV owner could be a fashion victim, but combining the boots and the Viva Italia bag comes awfully close!
  10. Haha, I like the term "orphan" for those two items. They seems have been there and will be there forever, if BF did not take them down. Hope BF has just written them off from the account. What a shame for such good leather and craftmenship gone to waste.
  11. *giggles*

    ^ I love the term orphans too. Too cute, the folks in here!
  12. Such a compassionate bunch here!!:P
  13. When I look at the BV, the Carmino Campana is not there, but a Carmino New Ball is on BF. And there are many Montaignes. BTW, in the steal and deals forum for BF, post #1060 show a link to a 10% off gateway. I tried it and it still works! I have my eye on a black satchel, but I must be good. However, it was good to know that the 10% off works in case I cave in, lol!
  14. Please do not think it was me. Ok, the boots were my size (41 if I remember well) but I am not that desparate.....LOL
  15. Poor little red and green thing.