The Orphanage

  1. This movie is in Spanish----subtitled in English!

    it was a VERY good movie, you might even cry!

    its not really THAT scarry....but it will make you jump.

    I didnt expect it to turn out this way....:angel:

    Has any 1 seen this over the weekend?
  2. I'm going to go this weekend
  3. I loved it!!!!!!! I did cry at the end...very touching!
  4. Oh! I want to see this movie. Although the little mask hood thing the kid wears freaks me out! I always get scared by scarecrow looking masks. Glad to hear that you liked it so much!
  5. my mother and i watched this a few weeks ago. good movie, better than i thought. it's a buyer! (meaning i would buy it.) ;)
  6. I saw it two weekends ago, and I didn't love it. SPOILERISH so don't read the following if you haven't seen it....There were definitely parts that were really scary (Tomas and his creepy breathing) and disgusting (the "social worker" that was hit by the car). Maybe I'm a jaded moviewatcher, but I could tell that a twist was coming and I was expecting the movie to be much more than it was, so I felt underwhelmed by it. I felt really badly for the husband.
  7. I REALLY enjoyed this movie. It was well done and I too cried at the end!