The Ornament Thread (spin-off of the Christmas Tree thread)

  1. What ornaments mean the most to you? Describe them or post pictures of them!

    When I turned five, my cake had plastic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs cake toppers. . . . . not the Disney version, the storybook version.

    After the party, my dad took them and drilled holes through Snow White's head and each dwarf's hat and strung thread through them. When we hang them on the tree, we always make sure to have Snow White and all of the dwarfs grouped together.

    I remember the next year, my cake was topped with a plastic Cinderella and her coach. Again, not the Disney version, the storybook version. I remember taking them because I didn't want my dad drilling a hole in her head. . . . . I wound up losing Cinderella within a week.

    My cake toppers (and now ornaments) look like this . . . except my Snow White has a pink dress, there's no bridge, tools, lantern or wheelbarrow.
  2. Okay, this is toooo weird, but I had those EXACT plastic Snow White cake toppers!!! No lie, they were the exact same. I played w/ them all of the time!
  3. I don't really collect ornaments but I think it's really sweet that my parents still put up the ornaments that I made in elementary school. Remember kindergarten when your teachers had the whole class make ornaments out of your school photo, construction paper, yarn, and popsicle sticks? My parents still hang up the ones I made.
  4. Here are some of my favorites....
    Picture 557.jpg Picture 556.jpg Picture 553.jpg Picture 555.jpg
  5. The ones made by family members. I put up all the decorations my boys made in school or scouts (clothespin reindeer, styrofoam candycane and wreath, etc.), decorated dough ornaments that are barely holding together they're so old-made by sis-in-law, crosstitch stockings made by my Martha Stewart-ish sister). We have no theme-it's everything we've collected over the years. When the tree is up, I'll take pics.

  6. Lovely ornaments!!
  7. when I was in kindergarden we made ornaments out of walnuts painted red then glued black beads on them hung a string on them. they were strawberries!! I still have mine. Mrs Christopher, you rocked!!
  8. My brother has given me a hallmark "sister" ornament every year since I was a teenager, since I am older than dirt now, I have a lot of them! They are getting their own tree this year, I just bought one of these, I will post pics after I get it decorated. :smile:
    urn tree.jpg
  9. Oh wow Pat...that is exactly what my tree is like!!!!
  10. The ornaments that mean the most to me:

    2 strings of noodles with ribbon from kindergarten (I don't remember making them)

    1 hollowed out egg with a sticker on it rolled in glitter. Some of the glitter is still on that thing and this ornament has never broken and it is about 22 years old!!!
  11. I have some starbucks onraments that i have on a lil xmas tree i got at urban outfitters. How yuppie. LOL