The Original Print Ciao

  1. Hi all,

    This is my first post. I discover Tokidoki when I visited Hawaii during Labor Day. Since then I can't stop but checking at this forum everyday. After comparing all the print, I found myself in love with the Original Print.

    But I can't find it anywhere as I know it is already discounted. Please help and let me know if you know where I can get the print in Ciao. Thanks. :yes:
  2. Hiya wa0wa! Welcome to the forum! I wish I know where you can still find the OP Ciao but AFAIK, they are prolly extinct! The only place you can try is eBay but I don't see any as of late. Also, you can try LJ and posting a want ad for it. You might not find a NWT one but someone might want to part with theirs. Good Luck!
  3. yes they don't make it no more. you best bet is eBay. good luck!
  4. Thank you both for your ecourage reply. I will keep checking eBay and see if they come up.

    pinkpeony - Please let me know what is LJ and I will like to place a want ad. Thanks again!
  5. Yup, that's the place to place a want ad. Thanks vikitty!
  6. Hmm I posted that im looking for stuff on LJ but there doesnt seem to be anyone really replying to it.. and even if they had it for sale, they just make their own post to try and let it go to the highest bidder than to offer it to someone whos looking for it...:p though I dont blame them ..after all they are trying to make their money back and a lil profit perhaps?? :smile:
  7. Yeah, I find shoptokidoki to be difficult that way. I think they need to separate the FS ads from the WTB ads. Or, the sellers should look through the WTB ads before listing something and contact the people they know are looking for what they're selling. That would help to preserve the "first come first served" aspect of it.

  8. Yeah, I do seem to notice that ebay is thinning out on the first edition print. That's quite unfortunately late for u to start stocking on them. Well, think I have quite a huge collection, hehe but I'm holding on to them. It's one of my favourite prints. The others - Foresta and Lamore being my other loves.
  9. original print is one of my favorite prints and is getting harder to find (excluding the 2nd gen european one w/ silver hardware). And Original Print in the CIAO is EXTRA EXTRA hard to find! (cuz most ppl who have them aren't willing to part w/ it!) i got mine on be patient and don't give up...
  10. Well there are three OP Bella Bellas up right now, one Stellina, and a BV... all with Meowmi!
  11. The OP Ciao is hard to find these days. I just bought one 2 days ago but it's coming from Japan. Hopefully it will arrive within the next week and I'll post pics once it does.

    Keep watching eBay. Eventually someone will sell theirs. Look what happened with Angiolettos. Nothing for months and now I have seen like 4 or 5 for sale in the last couple weeks. Everything runs in cycles.
  12. Thank you all so much for the tips and encouraging words. I will keep researching and will report back when I get one. Thanks again!
  13. I'm watching that...