The Original Cabas

  1. Anyone still use theirs? Especially you PVC owners??
  2. I still use mine. But I have leather
  3. I used mine the other week, still love the bag.
  4. I have leather too - but I keep getting comments from the 'peanut gallery' - someone told me it is outdated and not considered a classic ... just a fad ...

    I give up ... I buy what I like and I will use them for years but I keep getting comments - I mean I have current bags - I have bought 6 chanels THIS YEAR ...

    What more do people want??
  5. ^Who cares what they think? It's YOUR bag, if YOU like it, wear it! Screw the peanut gallery, they're just jealous.
  6. who are these people???? Their just jealous because they can't still get one. I use my vinyl like once a week.
  7. I unfortnually don't own one, but if I would, I'm sure I'll use ever so often. I think it's such a gorgous bag. Ha, today I have my 8 year old Prada bowlingbag to work. Talk about outdated ;)
  8. I say wear what you like! I jumped on the baby Cabas bandwagon only to discover the bag was not for me and returned it. Yes it was a tote and I'm a tote girl through and through but what really bothered me was the lack of Chanel logo on the body of the bag (I prefer the original Cabas w/logo). If I'm going to pay $2K for a handbag the logo better be as big as my head! :biggrin: Seriously, I needed the logo on my Cabas whereas others find it to be obnoxious.

    If you love the original vinyl and can wear it with confidence then go for it!!
  9. I have the leather one and i still wear it, its great!!
  10. i have both in vinyl and leather and still using them a LOT.
    but i used my leather more...
  11. This is a sign of how taste differs,and how one should follow one's own taste and heart!! I never even LOOKED at any thread called "cabas" after I saw one of these,to me,hideous,shapeless things with the HUGEST CC logo I'd ever seen...and so I completely missed the existence of the baby cabas!! Having now seen that it is logo-free apart from the medallion,I soooooooooo desperately want one!! And it I am not in the least interested in what anyone else will say...LOL.
  12. If the baby Cabas had a logo... would it be for you then? I'm a tote girl too, so I'm just curious if you liked the shape?
  13. I wear mine constantly, the leather one.
  14. Yes! I loved the shape of the baby Cabas and the huge, chunky chains of the khaki. I think the shape is one of Chanel's best yet.
  15. I have the leather one and use it everday, I love it!!!! Who cares what other people think, and if it is such a fad bag why are people spending over $2k for it on eBay? Just my opinion.