The Organic Pharmacy

  1. I've been having troubles with my acne scars since last year, and have been wanting to eradicate them. I can't stand them and always resort to concealer. However, I heard of The Organic Pharmacy on another website, and was interested in it. Passing by the huge shop at Covent Garden (London) made if even better while I browsed through the products. I must say that I'm very impressed with the purity of these products. Most of the ingredients are botanical, and therefore do not cause harm to your skin.

    I bought the Virgin Cold Pressed Rose Hip Oil and Scar Tissue. The virgin cold pressed rose hip oil is basically an oil that promises to "Repair, Rejuvenate and Reverse." It also contains Frankincense, Niroile and vitamin E. This oil is for sun-damaged, wrinkled and scared skin. Application is easy and a dream to use. Deep cleanse with whatever cleanser you're using at the moment (I double cleanse with Clarins ultra foaming cleanser and Dermalogica ultracalming cleanser). Tone (I like Clarins toning lotion and SK-II facial clear lotion). And then slather this oil all over your face, including the delicate eye area. (2-3 drops from the dropper can cover the whole face) You can then add a little more of the oil to your problem areas, with mine being the acne scars on my left cheek. This oil, if you want to reverse the sun damage and wrinkles, all you have to do it just mix it with your moisturiser and slather all over you face. Like all organic lines, results are not instant. It is recommended that you use this religiously for 3-4 months. 1 bottle should suffice for that length of time.
    The Scar Tissue is actually a homeopathy. It contains Sucrose (It actually tastes like sweets!), silica, thiosinaminum, graphites, calcfluroica, and prunella vulgaris. You suck one pill 3 times a day for a period of 2 months. It doesn't taste iffy at all, and is actually really nice. I just hate that I risk over-dosing if I gobble down more than 3 per day. Hehe.

    To those who are interested in organic skin care, I would very much recommend this line. Visit for more. They also have tinctures, homeopathy, skincare kits, etc.
  2. Mederma works great on scars... have you tried that?

    I use quite a few organic products... so thanks for posting this!
  3. ^ I saw the box, but was freaked out by the woman's face. Hehe. This oil is great also cos it really hydrates well without causing any breakouts..which is fab!!
  4. My PHH has bad scars. I may need to look this up. Thanks [vogue]
  5. ^No probs. (what does PHH mean btw??)
  6. I really love products by Korres. They are also an all natural cosmetics company. The biggest thing with normal cosmetics is the use of mineral oil which is really bad for your skin. Korres does not use mineral oil, which is why I like them.
  7. Purse hating husband! LOL
  8. ^Hhehhe.
  9. Oh yes, for the homeopathy, they've got different stuff for ALL kinds of stuff like Insomia, Digestion, Diarrheoa, Burns, Physical Injury etc etc.
    What do you guys think of homeopathy? I'm liking it as it's natural and it works from the inside out as well.
  10. i will definitely check this out. i'm also having issues with my acne scars and need something to make it go away or make it less visible. thanks for sharing.
  11. Thanks for sharing!