The Ordeal of buying a Birkin

  1. I was a Fendi-spy gal, then a Chanel gal, and after stepping into this thread, I think I'll never ever be anything else but a Hermes gal ever again!

    I love everything I see here. And I envy you ladies with the most beautiful bag in the world! Reading through the reference library, I can see why Birkins are the Rolls Royce/Bentley of handbags.

    I am DESPERATE to own one. But where I live right now, it is practically impossible to buy one. The waiting lists are closed. For such a price, I don't want to try ebay. I tried consignment stores where I get to at least touch the bag, but with really really good fakes around, I can't tell :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: A kind lady on the forum has been helping me (I'm so eternally grateful!), and I can't be cautious enough. I even called 24 Faubourg, but they won't tell me what they have at the moment so that I can get my brother to pick it up for me. They can't even put one on hold for 5 min while he take a cab down to buy it for me. :crybaby: :crybaby:

    So please help! If any of you nice ladies out there come across a nice 30cm Birkin, or a 28/32cm Kelly, at a reasonable price, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!
    :heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. Welcome Tammy! How about sending your brother over to do some checking for you if he's in the neighborhood? Many folks here have walked in to the mothership and found beautiful Birkins!
  3. I will keep my eyes open. I don't normally see that size Birkin on display in the SCP store but there are sometimes Kellys.


    You seem to be determined. You will find yours and the hunt will make you appreciate her even more.
  4. Let us know what colors, leather, and hardware that you want, and we will definitely look out for one for you...
  5. Tammy,
    Getting a Birkin from your local H store is difficult. But I think it's fairly easy to get a 28cm/32cm Kelly if you are not particular about colour and leather. Call up each of the 3 H stores and enquire what Kellys they have. They are usually willing to mention over the phone, especially the one at DFS Galleria.

    :flowers: I am pretty sure you can get a Kelly right away.

    Do you have any colour / leather / style (sellier or retourne) preference?
  6. Try Las Vegas Hermes store. They always seem to have Kellys in. Unfortunately for birkins the cheapest one you can get is probably at the Hermes store. Authentic ones atleast. Do not get fooled by websites unless it's or creatur de lux. Oh try!! :party: I know she sells authentic stuff and once in a great while she has birkins or kellys in. What you can do is email her and ask her to contact you when she has birkins in. I saw one on her website but it was already purchased by someone else. The price was below retail!! Good luck and keep us posted!!
  7. Hi

    I think if you are not very particular about color/leather type, you should be able to get a birkin in Paris Headquarters rather easily. If you only want a particular color or leather type or HW, then its really the luck of the draw when your brother visits the store. And not forgetting, it's the cheapest place still to get your birkin (excluding the custom charges etc of sending it back to where you live)
  8. Thanks for your advice, ladies!

    I just saw a GORGEOUS Havana (dark brown) Swift 32cm Kelly at the local store and I'm VERY VERY tempted. If it were a Birkin, I would've grabbed it in a heartbeat. This Kelly is beautiful!! Only that the leather looks a little scratchable. I think I'm selling all my other bags to buy this one.

    Wish me luck, ladies!

    :sos: :sos:
  9. I'm thinking the same thing!
    For a first Birkin, I'm hoping to get something like dark brown or black. And then I can venture to the other colors when I'm on to my second or third.
  10. If you want a durable leather get togo or clemence. I think it's the best starter leather. I have a black box calf leather birkin and it get's stratched really easily. But the good thing about box leather is that it looks better with age. Good luck. Now I need to goto the flag ship store!!!:wlae: :yahoo:
  11. I vote for Togo as the first H leather to get. Even my resident H craftsman prefers Togo to Clemence. :yes: :P

  12. All the best, Tammy! I am glad you saw it! Swift is a nice and slouchy leather. And luxurious to the touch. I am waiting for a bag in swift .....
  13. Mrssparkles - do you think Swift is a little less durable than togo/clemence? ie. more scratchy?
  14. Less durable? I hardly think so. But I expect it to be less scratch resistant then Togo/Clemence. It is still a beatiful leather nonetheless.
  15. Thank you for your advice!!