the opposite of the 'do you think i should complain?' thread

  1. maybe i'm still a little giddy from yesterday's purchase, but i cannot get over how well i was treated by my lv sa yesterday! :heart:

    maybe it's because i look younger than my age, and i have encountered many a rude sa, especially in high end stores, but he really made my experience so much better. honestly, afte reading horror stories of bad experiences on this board, i was really hoping mine would just be ok. it totally surpassed my expectations.

    i know an sa job can be really hard, and i want to make sure that my sa knows he is appreciated. so, should i call the manager? should i write a 'thank you' note or letter?

    how do you thank your sa's for amazing service?
  2. I usually send them a thank you card.
  3. Definitely send a card! I also gave my SA a little box of Godiva when she found the Gold Speedy for me.
  4. I bought chocolates and a gift certificate for my SA during Xmas time, and usually I thank her in person. Also, speaking of good service, I'm actually going out in a few hours to buy a gift card and write a thank you note to my local boutique's manager to praise my SA lol cuz she sent me something recently.
    I really like her cuz she doesn't judge youngsters, well actually she she says that "young people are the future" I love that!
  5. Usually thank you cards, but since she has really taken "good care" of me with several LE items I did not waitlist for, I gave her a tiffany pendant...
  6. Yeah send a thank you card and they will love you forever.
  7. A card is perfect! :yes:
  8. I think you should also speak to the manager sadly not enough people pass on compliments and thank you's but it really means a lot. Let the manager know how great you found the service & how much you appreciate the SA.

    LV has staff incentives so this could help her win something, an SA at my store "won" the little crystal trunk
  9. I would send a card.
  10. I called my SA manager and raved about the service she gave me.
  11. I agree with most and would send a card-
  12. I called the manager and I also send 'thank you' cards. I also sent a wonderful Travel book to him for Christmas :smile:
  13. Jenn, I know exactly who you are talking about and he is the greatest! He is one of the few in that store that doesn't make me feel bad about browsing (b/c I visit more often than I can afford to buy) and always helps me. I have only bought one of my pieces there and an inclusion bracelet(the other 2 came from NM downstairs because they had what I was looking for and the boutique was sold out) and I made sure I bought from him. I would definitely send a little note and also call the manager and let him/her know how wonderful he is!
  14. Drop off cookies!!!!
  15. I would send flowers, or a nice card with candy