the only real gucci blondie on e-bay

  1. okay gals, here's the chance you've been waiting for...i really want someone from PF to win this gorgeous's all black leather with black-enamel interlocking G's...everything about it checks out, including the serial # :love:

    p.s. i PM'd a few of you about it this AM, but wanna give other girls a chance since it's still sitting there, waiting to be scooped up ;)
    p.p.s. this isn't my bag & i don't know the seller
    0d_1.jpg d2_1.jpg
  2. Gorgeous bag! But a bit of gouging on the shipping- $45!? ($30 + a REQUIRED $15 for insurance)

    I had a green one awhile back.. I'm still kicking myself for selling it..

    Congrats on yours by the way! ;)
  3. awe, thanks again for the congrats on mine acegirl...i'm totally & completely in love with it :love: many girls on PF have said they were looking for this bag...i really hope that someone here gets it...i know the shipping price is a bit high, but the total still comes out lower than the original purchase's almost impossible to come across one of these anymore & this one is in such amazing condition...i think it's worth the $$$ if you've just gotta have it :rolleyes:

    p.s. i'm sorry you're still sad about your greenie :sad:
  4. good news gals, the seller dropped the shipping price down to $35 total :smile:

    p.s. i e-mailed her & told her it was too high
  5. p.p.s. this isn't my bag & i don't know the seller

    Why would the seller just drop the price just because you asked her too ?

    Just curious. :blink:
  6. well, my guess is she knew the shipping price was way too high (i mean, c'mon, $45 to ship a bag priority mail?!)...i told her i knew some girls who might be interested, but that she should lower the shipping price...i'm always trying to help out my friends when i can :love:
  7. It is such a HOT bag! Too bad she doesn't ship to Canada.:sad: :cry:
  8. i know, that's such a bummer irene :sad: could always try e-mailing her & ask if she'll change her mind...for that amount of $$$ you'd think she would ship it anywhere you want :smile:
  9. p.s. just checked e-bay & saw the bag's been sold, lemme know if any of you girls got it :smile:
  10. I admit! It was me! I cannot wait until it comes in the mail I've wanted this bag for so long and now I'm going to have it! Aaallabama thank you so much for posting the eBay link for the only legit one out there I really appreciate it! I'm so happy this is my first Gucci bag!
  11. Congrats Luxx!!...welcome to the Gucci club! Woohoo!:yahoo:
  12. Congrats! Luxx on that Fab bag! I was thinking about it but I had to control myself.. Thanks AAllabama for the heads up! you are superfantastic!!!!
  13. Congrats, Luxx...I am still on the hunt for one too
  14. hip, hip, hoooooooooooooooooooray for Luxx :yahoo: ...i'm so happy one of you gals got it!!!

    p.s. i'll keep up the search for you BooYah-girl!!!
  15. thanks, sweetie :shame: :love: