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  1. there are frequently posts on here seeking advice on sizes, leathers, colors, hardware, sometimes even bag styles, and it's understandable since not everyone lives near an hermes boutique (yet;)). the knowledgeable members all offer up their opinions, but it's so hard to really know what would suit AND appeal to someone without knowing and seeing them. (a bag is such a personal thing, and hermes is such a big investment, i almost never make recommendations for anyone else.)

    i was wondering, of your bags, the ones you bought by recommendation/encouragement and the ones you bought spontaneously with love because when you laid eyes on it, you just knew, what are the long-term results? which serve you better, which retain your love?
  2. Great thread, HH. I have to admit that the bags I was compelled to buy (or order) from love at first sight are the ones that I use all the time. The others that I bought thinking that they might be 'practical' to have, I hardly take out of their sleepers.
  3. i dont own an hermes bag yet but i think i would rather have one that i saw and instantly fell in love with and just had to have over a bag id bought because other people thought it was the right choice. i preffer to have my individuality and the strength to go with what i love.
  4. I stopped asking for advice after getting my first Birkin, black togo 35cm with palladium hardware. Everyone said that it was practical, scratch-resistant, palladium is modern. I hated it. My first love is black box with gold hardware and I've stuck to my guns ever since. As much as we all like to chime in, I feel that the ultimate decision has to be the buyers. I think it's a great idea to ask for pros and cons of certain leathers and colors, but really it boils down to what the buyer loves. My faves have all been split second decisions, I knew upon seeing them for the first time that I would love them.
  5. I was lucky enough to be shopping with a few lovely ladies from here when I picked out my Picotin. I was going back and forth between red or ebene and they unanimously said ebene. :tup: I'm really happy I went with the ebene as it goes with absolutely everything!
  6. I remember it being orange and ebene.:confused1:
  7. There was orange too! :yes: But the orange was reeeaaallly slouchy. I was going to go with red at first (it was the one in the window) but then they brought out the ebene and orange. :heart:
  8. Great thread, HiHeels. Very often, what's being posted are opinions, and by no means "expert advice", KWIM? And like you said, if you don't know that person, even giving one's height is still not really sufficient. But I can add that reading different people's rationales why they chose a certain size/leather helps bring attention to the features of the bag when you're faced with it.

    I was recently at my H store trying out a 35cm Birkin (reserved for someone else). It was the leather and colour that I want but the size is just not right. A friend was with me, and felt that I could surely pull off a 35cm, and I was swayed. Afterall, I only have 30cm's now and she felt that I could do with a 35cm, as my carry-all. And my manager added that I stuff way too much in my 30cm, and should seriously think about owning a 35cm instead. Well, it all made logical sense to me. So, I caved in and agreed that my next birkin should be a 35cm.

    My manager although excited that I was willing to consider a 35cm, she too added caution that I should take my time to think carefully before confirming with her. I was so uncomfortable with my decision. I slept over it and still I wasn't sure I really wanted a 35cm. A few days later, I called my SA and told her I still prefer a 30cm. You have no idea ... the stress I'd felt all disappeared in that 1 min phone call. :rolleyes:
  9. A bit of both, I would go for the bag I love but it tastes better if DH loves it and others on the forum approve, admire and recommend.

    Mind you, it would be far easier to fall in love with the 'right' bag if each Hermes store could offer the complete range in all styles, colours, sizes and leathers, lol, even if they were for 'try on' purposes only. need to include a programme where you can type in your height and vital stats and then it show a mock-up modelling the different handbags in different sizes, there's an online clothes store that offers this, YOOX, is it?
  10. HH, great thread. I honestly feel this place is excellent for bouncing ideas. Pros and Cons of leather vs colors, etc. Ultimately, you understand your own lifestyle and after the 1st H bag (or the next few), somehow magically you know what fits you for the next bag.
  11. THIS would be an excellent idea.

    But knowing me if there was one I might not be able to drag myself away to pay attention to much else. :p

    [eta/back to topic] Yes, it really is a matter of deeply personal taste. A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine was admiring my bag (35 birkin in swift) and was in the process of coaxing her husband to buy one (her first) for her birthday. She said that it was likely that it would be her only one, and she'd decided on the size (35) and the color and hardware (gold/palladium), but she asked about which leathers I would recommend for her and I just couldn't. I described most of the ones we know exist in gold (which you all know is a lot) and I think her head almost exploded. So I took her to FSH where a nice VIP rep was able to sit down with her and the leather book for a good long time. (And even now I think she's still weighing her choices.)
  12. Great thought-provoking thread HH. I was just thinking about this the other day. What I've learned over time is that the logical choices (i.e., HG's experience) don't always work with Hermes for me. I've found that the illogical (at least to me) ones really work for me, i.e., my Orange Togo Kelly. That wasn't on my radar (ever), but when I tried it on, I was surprised that it worked on me and loved it. Being a very logical person, I fretted over that decision afterwards while I was waiting for it to be shipped over to me and even for a few days when it was in my closet, but it's turning out to be my most used Kelly, moreso than the black box Kelly, which is probably a more popular choice. I have found that the bags in which I take a bit of a risk versus the more traditional, conservative ones I own, definitely get a lot more use and give me that bit of extra enjoyment when I carry them.
  13. For me .. I think that a purchasing a handbag is much like purchasing a piece of art .. in that if you see something that really draws you .. or you feel drawn to .. and you keep coming back to it .. that's the one you have to get.

    While I value my friend's and family's advice .. the bags that I've kept over the years are the one's that I fell in love with on the spot .. had to have .. and just got .. with no one else's influence or opinions. And .. they aren't necessarily the most "safe" or "practical" or "popular" choices. Just stuff that I love!
  14. orchids, I always like the way you put things so nicely. :heart:
  15. ^^Thanks MrsS. :flowers: