The only FREE item I could get from Hermes

  1. It was the first day of Kelly Caleche's perfume in the UK... Smells good :tup: but too pricey :push:


    I had my first visit to Hermes boutique as well. The saleswoman was very kind, I was lucky to see a 28cm Kelly :heart:
  2. LOL, how much is the perfume in the UK?

  3. OMG i want one as a bookmark! (lol how sad is that!)
  4. Well, that makes two of us who are pretty sad, because I want one, too.
  5. Great minds think alike. I took mine how from my store and use it as a bookmark. Ok ok I took one that had been sprayed and one that hadn't. :yes:
  6. It was around 64GBP for 100ml bottle
  7. :nuts: Oooh I never thought of that !
    Next time I'll do it :tup:
  8. ^^ It also folds so the turnlock goes into the slot...I was bored lol
  9. Yes I did that but then I lost interest :greengrin:
  10. You know, my store has the usual cardboard rectangles and I feel jipped!!!!
  11. That's ok HG my store doesn't even have the triangles......but they did have a white Epsom Kelly today.....:yucky:
  12. What's wrong with a white epsom Kelly?

  13. Nothing except Epsom is not a leather that is a personal favorite of mine......and white and I do NOT get along simply because I can't keep food on my plate! LMAO!!!!
  14. The Sephora in my little town has different types of Hermes perfume in the corner and they do have the Hermes sniffer cardboard thingies. Maybe I should go back grab a few. LOL
  15. ^^^^LOL!!! Does it smell nice???
    Smom, I also saw a white epsom kelly in my boutique!! I did not like white epsom, but I love white kelly. :smile: