The ongoing saga of my new kitty ...

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  1. I posted pics of Bodhi almost a month ago -- she has become quite the little center of attention. Every time I thought to come and post about her, something new happened.
    She's a rescue, but declawed, so she was someone's pet. Came out of the carrier and jumped in our laps -- so we thought, this is easy.
    Oh so not so !!
    She used her litter twice and then all the fun started. She decided the sink was preferable. She also decided to become constipated, or to pick some piece of floor/carpet. We've done all the vet tests, been through 3 days of colitis, now own a large cat cage (I never thought I'd do something like that) at the vet's recommendation. She's so skittish she'll get it right for a few days of systematic rewards for using the box, so we give her more free rein, then she loses it all over again.
    My husband is convinced if we just give her time -- she'll come around, and right now, I'm committed to seeing it through because I have a feeling we aren't her first adoptive family (and I'm already dealing with one sofa accident -- thankfully, that's not really her problem -- my fault for putting plastic over it one night) -- and she may just be so stressed out that it's going to take her a good long time to believe she's safe anywhere. I named her for the bodhi tree the buddha sat under to become enlightened -- and I swear, she is cancelling out a serious amount of my karmic debt :rolleyes:
  2. awwwh bless you for being so patient with her...I'm sure she's been through alot, and she'll come around to trust again and learn some manners. She's a sweet looking little thing. :smile:
  3. Congrats. And hopefully she'll straighten up..give her time and space..she'll come around.
  4. I'm sorry to hear that the transition has been stressful, but I'm sure that things will get better. I think Bodhi has probably been through a lot and I think that it is wonderful that you are sticking it out with her. Cats really hang out to traumatic experiences, but I'm sure that Bodhi will get more comfortable in your home and that things will turn around.
  5. Sometimes love is bittersweet. I'm so glad you are able to give your kitty a loving home, even if she misbehaves sometimes.
  6. My cat Orchid started that after we brought her home and spent a grand on getting her epilepsy, "rodent ulcers", spay, and upper-respiratory infection under control. It turned out she had urinary tract crystals!! The theory the vet told us was that since it hurts to go potty in the litter she was trying to find somewhere where it did not hurt to go! Also we were told to keep her in the bathroom for a few weeks (or any small room) with a comfy bed and litter. This would help her get used to JUST going in the litterbox, and save my bed, sofa, carpet, etc. etc..

    It was hell to go through but for the past 5 years-ish she uses the litter as she should.

    Oh and on a side note, 2 kittens I adopted out unfortuantely had issue using the litter as the kids in the home would bug them while they were going. Could this be an issue in your case if you have children??
  7. sadly, declawing can also sometimes make cats not want to use the litter box. sometimes the litter will make their paws very painful when they scratch in the litter. it's too bad you can't undo that. i hope you find a solution.
  8. It's a wonderful thing your doing for that kitty. It sounds like she's been thru alot of stuff that gives them the "kitty krazies". Poor thing. I'm sure with time, patience, and lottsa love she'll come around. And when she does, She'll love you all the more for all you've done for her.
  9. Thanks everyone. We don't have kids and she will now use the box for urine and sporadically for the other. We got three good days of doing everything right two weeks ago, then gave her the house for 1/2 day while we were out and she lost it again. The vet said we were going too fast. We're already at the large cat cage (over 4 feet tall -- it's spacious) in our den stage over using the bathroom, so that she doesn't feel as confined. She gets out as a reward for using the box and also to stretch/play and I try to feed her then so her food isn't in the cage with her. That's what the vet said to do. We're also letting her out as a reward with lot's of good kitty love when she does use the box while we clean it. And we clean it very time she goes. I am going through a fortune in liners and litter. Using the softer litter mix with regular clay (she seems to prefer that). We had high hopes two days ago when she buried her poop in the box but then last night she went back to one of the cage shelves. It's breaking my heart to keep her in the cage, I pet her inside of it alot when I'm home.
    I am starting to get overwhelmed by this. Can't get the urine smell out of my very expensive couch (yes, tried enzymes - 2 kinds). I told my husband last night when she pooped on the cage shelf at 1 am that I was giving this another month and then we're taking her back to the shelter with all the vet information/tests done, etc. so the next adopter can see what we tried and at least not start from no knowledge base like we did. It's a zero kill shelter otherwise I wouldn't do that. Still waiting on another fecal test result too.
  10. I'm so sorry that things are still tough. I hope that it gets better. Please keep us updated.
  11. Try putting "Yesterday's News" in her box. It's soft and won't hurt her paws. Also, if she just does not like the scent of regular cat litter, the newspaper pellets won't bother her. I had to switch to "Yesterdays News" because an older cat of mine had respiratory problems and would not use the box because of them. Her vet told me to try it. And, Max (RIP) had no problems using the box after that!
  12. Thank you for the yesterday's news suggestion.
    Stickley can remake all the cushions for my couch and have someone come to the house to install them -- learned that today. Not cheap but as it's a Prairie Mission piece and impossible to get back out of the room without taking off doors all over the house/stairway/closets -- this was the best news I've gotten.
    She is such a sweet cat except for this -- when we had her out for reward time tonight she jumped on my husband's lap, did all manner of acrobatic stretching (she is long and really flexible) and she also loves chasing a flashlight. She's goofy and pretty and angora soft and oh heck -- I think cat people are just spoiled -- we don't expect all these issues.