The ones to complete my Chanel Collection Reveal!!


Aug 20, 2013
The Garden State
And last but not least, a medium classic in iridescent purple. I know this color was not love for a lot on this forum but I think it’s such a pretty chameleon.

19684F18-94F4-4F5A-9B64-9C528DD6D5FC.jpeg E269A635-CD1C-45C5-80D8-8AACC42091AA.jpeg

I actually preordered this in May and never thought it was going to come. And it finally arrived at the end of November. I was fortunate enough to pay the price prior to the increase.

I may be jinxing myself by saying anything but I feel that my Chanel collection is complete. I’m very happy with all of my pieces and unless there’s a seasonal release I think this is it.