the ONE

  1. hi girls,

    i was just wondering which pair of shoes is your "go to" pair. the one that makes you feel gorgeous no matter what?

    i'll start first - my one and only pair of jimmy choos. i love the slightly pointed toe of the open toe and the spider is just so pretty!
  2. Proabably these black heels I think I bought a year and a half ago. They go with almost everything, the brand is "Nina"
  3. these beauties give me instant glamour:
  4. These babies right here :yes:
  5. love those first Diors :heart: and those ex aequo (sorry for web pic camera broken :sad: ):okay:
    s&m3.JPG ea51_1.JPG
  6. I go for my silver snakeskin Miu Mius. When I purchased them, i wondered if I would get much wear out of them, but they go with EVERYTHING!!!

    I love them and would say they are one of my faves!!
  7. Here's mine - they're Gucci. Any time I wear them I get complements. They make me feel sooooo sexy:
    Shoe collection 006.jpg
  8. wow. everyone's shoes are gorgeous! :yes:
  9. Errr, sorry my pics are no good, but you can imagine...

    for flats, my Prada black suede drivers with white top stitching.

    for heels, my Prada black platform mary janes. I feel 10' tall in 'em!!