The one who almost got away...

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  1. Tried this bag on at Dillards a couple months ago and I just couldn't pull the trigger.... Fast forward to a week ago and I had a hankering for some cranberries!!!! And those pangs of regret.......until now!!!!!!
  2. Pictures?
  3. The lovely, wonderful, amazing, fabulous (I can't say enough words!!!!) outlet QUEEN found her for me and made me swallow all regrets!!!!


    Box came today and my lovely neighbor took her inside and got her out of the cold! (She must understand my addiction!!)
  4. Ooh, can't wait to see it😀
  5. When her nearest outlet ended up not having the bag she enlisted HER friend to help me out!!!! (Again I can't say enough kind words!!!!)


    Usually I've had them show up with the bag folded up. But she was packed perfectly!!!

  6. Teaser........

  7. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1384477224.332035.jpg

    #2 GOLD hardware bag in my collection (never thought I'd say that!!!!). Small pheebsters in cranberry!!!!! So happy!!!!!
  8. Happy it worked out!!! Glad she home safe. Enjoyyyyyyyyy! Twins. Used mine today!!!!

  9. Thank u thank u thank u!!!! I pulled my neck bad and can barely turn my head and this sure makes the pain easier to deal with!!!! :smile:
  10. Yes C4C is the best enabler EVER! I adore the hold HW and color congrats glad your neighbor got to save her from the bold lonely outdoors. And Zola loves her too how sweet.
  11. Love Cranberry Phoebe! Congrats!
  12. twins , due to alittle enabling by cfc as well. enjoy her.
  13. Gorgeous!!! Love Zola too ;)
  14. I know!!! She was needing some attention as well!!! Thanks!!!

    Thanks!!!! Cranberry is so pretty!!!!

    QUOTE=coachdon;25699002]twins , due to alittle enabling by cfc as well. enjoy her.[/QUOTE]

    Enabling at its finest!!!!! Thanks!!
  15. Cranberry is so pretty, congrats!