the one white bag for summer

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  1. Any recommendations for a great white summer handbag? I've noticed a few I like but I'm wondering if I should wait to see what comes out over the next couple months. Also, I would like it to go from day to night. Thanks.
  2. How big or small do you like your handbags? Price range? Any particular style? (I have some ideas in mind but this would help narrow it down). :smile:
  3. i got the kooba elisha last month at ruelala, and i cannot wait for it to be acceptable to wear! i mean, i dont have to wait til memorial day down here in florida, but i should at least wait until march :smile:
  4. I was thinking around $1300 but probably would go up to $1800 if I really love it. I'm 5"10 so I don't want a tiny bag but I also don't carry a whole lot with me so a large tote would be pretty empty. Thanks
  5. I have the small size Chanel Cerf Tote with Silver Mademoiselle (sp?) closure .... looks like the one Jennifer Aniston carried in The Breakup :yes: not sure what it retailed for, I got it from a reseller for around $900

  6. ^^^ Oh, and I meant to say that I love that this bag is perfect for day to night also :tup:
    not too big and not too small!
  7. Have you looked at Burberry manor satchel in white? I nearly bought one last year, it was on sale for about $1,100, if I remember correctly.
  8. I haven't got a white bag in my collection but I was thinking of getting Damier Azur Galliera MM. To me, it is spacious and easy to carry plus it is quite elegent for night too.
  9. LV ivoire epi line is beautiful. I think there are several bags in that line that would be well within your price range.
  10. i wouldnt spend that much for a white bag, as it gets dirty easily... LV azur are cute, ok price and easy to take care
  11. You know I was wondering about a white bag getting dirty. Which leads me to my second question - what material is easiest to clean? Patent or nylon instead of leather perhaps.
  12. Yes I am wondering too about how much to spend on a white bag as they can get dirty.

    FYI--I have the LV Azur Speedy and have gotten so many compliments. It also is easy to care for.
  13. baby steffy I love the bag you posted! I never heard of orla kiely. So many cute bags!