The one thing in your purse you can't live without! (excluding cell phones)

  1. Mine would be my LV cles.

    I can't imagine life without one now that I actually own one. Can't be replaced by a wallet or anything else. I'll always have one in or on my bag from now on.

  2. What can't I live without? The keys to my LOCK which I cannot open now that the whole clochette/keys thing has been lost, thereby trapping all my stuff inside the bag. Ugh.
    Thank God I had my wallet in my hand.
  3. I'd say my makeup pouch that has a little bit of everything I need on a daily basis.
  4. mmm....gotta second the louis clés, but also lip balm! totally addicted, of course, if i just have my wallet, i can buy anything else i need
  5. Yes I agree .............make up bag!:tup:
  6. My chamilion insert. It holds everything!
  7. Wallet.
  8. Lipstick!
  9. Lip balm!
  10. Chapstick. Sad but true.
  11. My ipod and my sketchbook.
  12. My wallet and oil blotter sheets. I have really oily skin. :sad:
  13. Lip gloss!!
  14. I need everything that I carry on a daily basis really. My wallet, for obvious cosmetic bag (yep, really need that) and my phone and keys. Other than that...I don't need much else.
  15. My makeup bag , It has chapstick , which I always need , a mirror , floss , and about 8 different types of lipgloss , you never know when you will need that 5th or 6th tube of lip gloss