The one that got away....

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  1. My bag delivered to my work address. I will pick her up late on Friday on my way home from Sacramento.
  2. I am such a liar. I am pleased to say that now I have none that got away - I really had no use for the Matita, but - I always missed the Nuvolato Paille Intrecciato Veneta, and it is now on its way back home. So - I've been able to recover the Pekary and the Nuvo, and I'm happy. :smile:
  3. Indiaink,
    Thank God for second life as well as in BV. ( I am such an amateur here that I will have to google the bags to see what they look like!)
  4. Googled it. Would love to find the Nuvolato Paille Intrecciato Veneta in a medium!
  5. #35 Jul 23, 2014
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2014
    :smile: You are a BVette, far from an amateur. You just joined the club later, that's all.

    They do show up occasionally - very occasionally. They were a limited edition from the S/S 2010 season - so it's hard, but - occasionally. I was fortunate enough to get back the very one I sold to a fellow tPFer - she'd only used it once and decided to send 'er back my way. Thank HEAVENS!

    P.s. - no, there is no selling/buying on tPF - I sometimes think that all of us are on eBay, though :graucho:
  6. Strong work India!
  7. It's awesome that you were able to find them again. Even better that the Nuvolato Paille was safely with another TPF member.
  8. I just missed out on a Ferro Roma that sold on ebay for a really good price. :sad:

    Was at the BV outlet in Cabazon, I thought they had it on hold for me, I guess not because when i called back it was sold. I actually got upset about it.
  10. I let this beauty get away and I regret it.
    Eclipse large. Drat!
    I didn't think I wanted a large, but the large from 2008 seems to be about 2"
    Smaller than the present large.

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  11. Wow, this is a real stunning red. I can sense your regrets. I would, too.

  12. Pretty! Sorry.
  13. I thought I’d revive this thread... hoping to share my misery, and as much as I want everyone to get what they want, I’m having a pity party and want some company.

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted a bag in either Bottle/Billiard... I’ve been stalking a Billiard Cervo Hobo in TRR for a while now and I was so so so tempted to buy it, but decided to be good and stay my butt on Ban Island. Now it’s sold and I’m so sad. It was such a good price, too. I don’t know if I’ll ever find it again at that price range. That purple lining...

    I hope someone here got that beauty, and will love it like I would have!!!
  14. I know that feeling so about (an expensive) china blue? You still get the purple lining...

    @grietje has the "one that got away" for me, that lovely dark sergeant green :heart:. Tired of it yet grietje? :lol:
  15. I have an Ink Montaigne, so I do have the gorgeous purple lining... That green, though. Maybe one day, it will eventually happen.