The one that got away....

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  1. Does anyone else feel like there was a "bag that got away"?

    A few weeks ago, a beautiful medium violet cabat was available. It sold almost instantly. I love cabats but never even thought about buying one, as they seemed totally out of my price range. However, since in this past week, I have spent more than the price of that violet beauty on new gray bags, it occurred to me that I could have made a different decision. I love my new gray bags and will use them often. And I do have a violet veneta, so I'm certainly not suffering. But I am thinking that I dismissed the cabat too quickly....because of a preconceived limitation. I had been waiting for gray and had gotten my mind around it, and I'm happy I did. But it makes me wonder.....

    (I do not remember another thread about this, but if there is, I apologize.)
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  2. Yes, a lovely Ebano Cocker that was a steal from a popular online consignment store. Like $500 steal!
    I was so mad I didn't buy it. Still kick myself over that one. The Cocker was the very first BV I just had to have, followed by the Montaigne.
  3. Ahhhhh...the Ottone old pyramid. I have only ever seen one so it must have been a special order. I had just overpaid for an Ottone Sloan so I missed out on the bag that would have been perfect :sad:((
  4. The one that got away... my Indigo Rete tote. I LOVED that color but since I had just bought a Cabat decided to sell the Indigo. BIG HUGE mistake....
  5. Until I went on my gray buying spree, I had been watching the resale market for an indigo Veneta in medium. I have an indigo lanyard and love it.
  6. Did you get your grey pillow bag yet? Pics please!
  7. It's in transit. It should arrive tomorrow. FedEx by 8 pm.
  8. There are a few limited edition knots that I would kill to have now; I hemmed and hawed until it was too late. Sigh...
  9. The Reflet Cabat. I wanted to think about it overnight and the next day it was already sold.
  10. I wish I had made another SO in peltro before it was discontinued. I figured another metallic I loved as much as peltro or platino would come along. It hasn't!
  11. same here apey...for me it is the Nero Galuchat Knot and the one that has the mini woven body with the scalloped grommet trim.

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  12. Ah... There are two: The Intrecciato Shiny Calf Bag in Matita and the Nuvolato Paille Medium Veneta.
  13. There's a reflet on Ebay (used, though). Item # 171328969747
  14. I know--it's on my watch list, but it looks very used. Awesome seller (docride).
  15. I too am sorry I let the reflect cabat slip by.