The One That Got Away!

  1. :girlsigh: Would love a Bal Town but since I'm trying to sell one of my Bals to help pay for landscaping, that ain't happening lol.

    There's a great Teal Patent Mini B on Bon right now, but pricey FWIW.
    And ITA about having the satchel handles as well... Maybe I need to branch into a MAM with a strap in a super smoothy leather?

    Sorry! Wrong thread lol!
    Back to reminiscing! I wish the Pallenberg had a longer cross body strap... It's actually a lot like my Bal Part Time's strap, so it rides up high if you wear it cross body.
  2. taking this discussion somewhere else...
  3. Oh my... The Moonbeam Lolita I had. I literally had never carried it. Crap. That bag would be so rockin' this summer. Especially with the little Wild Rose pilot I have. Crap. Lolita is hot. Super cute and hot.
  4. i wish i had a Koko. i saw it in the store - i think it was maybe one of the last ones - but was stubborn and kept thinking i'd go on sale. i think it might have sold out before i caught it on sale. booo me.
  5. ^^Me too! I had one and it was stunning. I can't remember why I sold it but the steel leather was amazing and it was a much better design than the Stacy (is that right? The three-tiered kiss lock one?)
  6. I miss my trophy satchel. It didn't work for me at the time but I miss the lovely leather and organization. I sold it for almost nothing too. :sad:
  7. I LOVE my koko. Sooo much.
  8. Uuuggghhh, thinking about all of the noemi anoraks I skipped on and now I have none! Of course, at the time, I prob would've bought a large, and now I need a smallish- kanye shrug.
  9. I'm wondering, all you ladies who sold a bag and later regretted it--how many of you would really purchase the bag again and actually use it this time around? I have a couple of old-school HH bags that I am contemplating getting rid of because I NEVER use them, but I LOVE them! That always seems to be the paradox, ha. I am wondering if I would notice if they were gone or not.
  10. Well... I have sold some HH bags and not regretted it. The last round of "sales" that I did, I made a list of all of my bags "categorized" and tried to eliminate what I could based on that.

    I do have 1 HH that I haven't used much since I first got it, but it is a sample, and I know for a fact that there were only 3 made or something redick small number, so I can't, can't part w it. Maybe I'll decide to later, but I'm in the same position or worse, bc there will literally never be this bag available again. And it's a great style (biblio) which I do have a need for, based on my list, lol!

    So I would advise list-making and soul-searching! A lot of the older HH bags are popping up again, so you might fin it again if u truly regret it. If you're already contemplating selling, you might want to, so you can get something else that u really love!
  11. Renza - I think you should carry them for a day or two and then decide. I remember Lulu once told us how she evaluated bags - she carried them and then made notes on an index card about what she liked or did not like.

    Another option is to let us know what bags they are and we can HELP with the decision-making (we may be able to give you more info about how often those bags pop up etc)
  12. Emerald Goat Corcovado!! Such an idiot for not keeping that one!
  13. ^^ But so sweet to give it to someone who loves it!

    Renza, ITA about carrying them... the ones I've re-bought (ICP Lorca) and have had re-gifted to me (Yam Tharpe) I use ALL THE TIME. I'm hoping that this new Conrad will be the same way. When I had one I was schlepping so much stuff around it was just too small, but in the intervening 2+ years, I've downsized (thanks to my back issues) and now love smaller bags.

    Some, though, are just sparkly and you really don't use them. They have to be useful, not just beautiful, IMHO.
  14. Very true Jenn! Thanks for saying so. I just miss the old goat! Wish Toni could bring that one back.
  15. I missed out on the Grape Shine passport cover and am still hunting for it today. :sad: