The One That Got Away!

  1. Now that one is quite a treasure....and unfortunately you may be right about it all being in vain. :wacko:
  2. Yeah it's probably a pipe dream, but I bave saved searches just in case. :smile:
  3. ugh... i have some regrets too. tcp pilot... now i use my silver one all the time.

    the black zeus hadley frame wallet. what was i thinking?? why i let its smile freak me out... have no clue.

    Shiiitake Franklin! I could really use this now i'm working:

    Ugh... and this beautiful blueberry lorca! WHY???
  4. I really loved this one too... clara? but I hated the lock. I really wanted to love the lock. Now I miss the lady bag... I really do want a replacement.
  5. Great pics, Mib!! You should totally grab that Blueberry Lorca for sale right now!
    I really love that black Clara!
  6. jenni i was JUST looking at it! :biggrin:
  7. I LOVED that bag. In a rare moment that practicality reigned over aesthetic appeal, I didn't buy it:sad:
  8. Mib, there's also a Shiiitake Franklin on bon now. Great price! Some wear though.
    That bag looks heavy. Was it heavy?
  9. It was pretty heavy empty, but you honestly can't over stuff it since the inside is broken up into compartments so it doesn't get too heavy. But honestly, it's more for looks that I miss it.
  10. It'd feel weird buying back a bag I sold... Lol
  11. Hah! I've done it so many times lol.
  12. Amen to that. I think I bought and sold a Black patent PM pomp like 4 times.So pretty but I never ended up using it ever.
  13. I think that's my fear... i'm so much more a Havana gal than a Lorca.. But the chance of me finding an old version blueberry Havana is slim. :sad:
  14. I've been wearing my Lorcas a lot this summer--it's great to get away from heavy bags for a while. I'm so tempted by that Eucalyptus one, but I have a Euc Havana, and one of my Lorcas is also grey (Lead). Silly. AND if I can only buy one bag this summer, it really should be a cross body of some kind, since that's what is completely missing in my TINY collection right now.
  15. Queen of crossbody checking in! Woot. I've figured out that the bags I am happiest carrying are crossbody bags with satchel handles. Best of both worlds. Carry it like a satchel or tote, crossbody OR if the crossbody strap is adjustable, it can be shortened to a shoulder strap.

    Gemma Field tote - got it out the other day. magic
    Dooney and Bourke florentine vachetta satchels
    MZ Wallace large josie with cross body strap
    Miu Miu bow bag
    MZ Wallace mia - holds an ipad beautifully and not too big. What I carried in London.
    RM mini b in haze leathers
    Bal town - need I say more. Great bag and holds an ipad
    Bal velo - ditto
    M0851 weekenders - leather that you would DIE over
    Wyeth tote in choc pebble
    HH saddle barnard
    Roots venetian village or village satchel
    HH turnlocks hobo with black messenger strap from the turnlocks satchel

    ETA - some of these are pure crossbody bags and don't have the satchel handles I was talking about above.