The One That Got Away!

  1. This makes me sad, too. That Tharpe was so quintessentially you.
  2. Well, I suppose they "got away" from someone. Glad some treasures have been finding their way to a good new home. I know my Nomade is in excellent hands.
  3. I wanted a khaki patent corcovado back in the day, along with a chalk Havana (that lining!!!), a ruby tharpe, lots of the HH shoes...

    What's bad is I have a few good HH bags (chocolate lorca, black havana, olive inka, black trophy) and I've hardly used them lately. =(
  4. i had, but sold, a metallic violet Pilot once.

    that was dumb.
  5. These are all such deliciously regretful memories! Like old lovers we traded in for new ones :p

    PS Hi Hokka!! :smooch: Ada was playing with the little grey mushroom you knitted the other day and I was thinking we hadn't seen you around in awhile!
  6. yay! my cat recently, and happily, destroyed his. must make another.

    loved the pics of your houses, btw. i didn't comment over there but those tiles! hope you're safe where you are.
  7. :biggrin: the purple one didn't last, but they still have the grey and cream ones!
    We're okay for now. The town just east of us is being evacuated and the fire doubled overnight and is turning south. I'll post a pic in the Hangout thread. Thanks for the house love!:love:
  8. guys are making me feel sooo nostalgic! I'm starting to lust for the Grape shine Havana along w/everyone else...I'm actually about to gift my very 1st HH bag- ICP Lorca, to a friend. All these posts have me wondering if I'll regret it horribly(:-S ??! I dont think I've regretted anything I gave up, but sooo many things I didn't buy in the heyday of sales or didn't win on the Bay that I wish I had. Almost all of the shoe & boot designs/a few dresses/The Black Zeus Clara/Black Shine Bernadin/Blueberry Havana/an old-school Pilot/anything in moonbeam leather/&some of the older cuffs(blk on blk Ramone/Athena cuff... Shall I go on? Really wanted that Mosaique hobo last week, but i decided my vacation was more important than another bag :smile:
  9. You're okay if you gift that one :p For some reason it's the one you can always find on the auction sites. It was the first HH bag I ever bought, then I sold mine, and had to replace it, which I did lol. It's a great bag.
  10. Ohhhhh, my moonbeam Athena cuff!!! That was STOOOOPID.
  11. Aw Enga.

    Sometimes I think it would have been fun to know the provenance of some of my bags. Several of them came from hotties.

    cho - maybe tharpie is living out her days in a preserve surrounded by her own kind.
  12. many regrets. I was super dumb and resistant to the cuffs for a long time and thus missed out on some lovely colours.

    I would LOVE a lagoon havana, cordovan wyeth, tamasin, sophie card case....
  13. Emerald Corcovado! My biggest HH regret. I should have pounced on it when it was still available. I still stalk eBay for one, most likely in vain.
  14. Graphic plaid pallenberg clutch. I lost mine in a taxi after a night of ridiculous. Had the chance to grab another off the 'bay immediately after, but balked at paying more than the ridiculous $70 I had snagged mine for. I would legit pay multiples of that now. Whomp, whomp.
  15. Had a silver pilot once...sold it back to the gal I bought it from when she had such sellers remorse. It only makes me a little sad that it's gone since I made her happy.;)