The One That Got Away!

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    In light of the fact that much of what we're doing around here these days is reminiscing :p I thought we could funnel all that longing and regret into a thread...

    Which HH piece (or pieces!) do you regret gifting/selling/abandoning on a train/losing in a move?

    Include nostalgic pics if you've got 'em!!

    ETA: There might be another "one that got away" thread somewhere, but I was too lazy to go through pages lol.
  2. I'll start! (Caveat: Some of these have been sold to lovely Hotties and I know they're in better homes lol)

    HH Sample Lorca, how I miss thee!:crybaby:

    Oh, lovely Saffron Pallenberg!:sad: I tried so hard to love your narrow zippered opening, but alas! You are now living happily in the wild northern lands of Pallenbergs, while I and your big sis Cannes Tote traipse the desert together!

    And FIERCE Grape Shine Havana, I didn't give you enough of a chance to show your enduring, purple gorgeousness!
  3. Oh gosh I've had so many that got away......
    Yam Shine Havana (Loved the leather on this one but the shape didn't work for me)

    Black Onyx Trophy (I miss it on most of my work days. I loved the structure but struggled with the size for an everyday bag) COME HOME TO MOMMA!

    Dominique Hobo (in creme) I can't even remember why I got rid of it because now I would pay a small fortune for one.

    Harlequin with Black Leather Orsay Satchel
  4. :faint: OMG that Dominique!!
  5. Oh forgot... Shiitake Burke Hobo. I really really miss this one. :sad:
  6. I know right!?!?! What was I thinking?:faint:
  7. Dunno! But you're thinking something devious in the Pallenberg pic :lolots:
  8. Heck Yeah I was! & look what it got me... Saffron pallenberg on my arm. :p
  9. :yes:You were lusting... And not after my blonde locks!
  10. Good god! That Sample Lorca!!! That Black Onyx Trophy! How...??? Why...? Eh? You guys let them go?!? They look amazing!
  11. Jenni, I've never used my matching plum havana! I really don't know why--def. not for lack of love!

    It makes no sense that I sold my bittersweet gaza. I probably wouldn't repurchase one but I wish I had hung onto this guy!
  12. Gorgeous, Pae! :love: And I'd forgotten you got the sample Havana... :girlsigh:
    Doi, I think I just got too worried that the leather (a lot like Ginger and Eucalyptus) would be too delicate... But I use my Euc Havana all the time, so who knows?! It's such a perfect color.
  13. drooling over the Orsay and the Burke.

    I miss my old Ruby Havana a little bit but shees off with another hottie and hopefully gets out a bit more these days.
  14. By far my biggest regret is selling my PM Nomade Hobo in Fir. What was I thinking! :wacko: Ah well, the quest continues...

    I also regret Oyster Tharpe.
  15. ND, I love the Bal colors in your siggy... VF and Jaune are so very gorgeous!
    The Fir is likewise dreamy!