The one that got away.

  1. :cursing:
    We all have seen a bag that we really like and planned on getting but never did. It could be that you were not sure about it. But once they were gone you were so mad that you never got it. I have a few that evertime I see them I get so mad at myself for not getting it.

    This bag sold out in days and I never seen it again.[​IMG]

    And this is the one I miss the most. This bag cam out about 4 summers ago.
    What a cute summer bag. They haven't made any signature straw bags ever since. :sad:
  2. I hate when that happens, both are really cute!
  3. [​IMG]

    I don't remember that one....I did get the dot tote and was so glad I did....I went to pick up the dot scarf...and looked at the tote...but wasn't sure...Stanford got 6 in, when I first got there they were down to 4...while I was buying the scarf, 2 people came in and got them (literally 10 minutes), so I got one...I was always so glad I did!

    For me it was the pink optic baby glad it's back, not going to let it get away this time!!!
  4. so did you get the sacrf? omg, I wanted that scarf that also sold out in a day.
  5. I did get the scarf :smile: Still one of my favorites!
  6. small nylon satchel
  7. lucky. I love that scarf.