The one that got away

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  1. I am very upset. I saw a fawn alma in excellent condition from a MPRS with an unbelievable BIN price. I waited too long and someone snuck in :cry:

    Do you have any stories of missed bag opportunites that have kept you up at night? bags sold only to deeply regret the decision.

    Console me - please tell.
  2. 100 pounds for a croissant PM, from a MPRS, I curse myself every day for not pressing that buy it now right away.
  3. $350 toledo blue Epi speedy 25 from MPRS excellent condition....I still feel like to kick myself when I think about it.[​IMG]
  4. Yes a mint Mc Boulogne for $700 bin
  5. $599.99 BIN Epi Jasmin in lilac :cry:

    i couldn't decide between that an a lilac Epi Speedy 25, but when i finally did, it was gone :cry:
  6. Missed a silver Galaxia. Boo hoo! Still waiting for another.
  7. I missed a Cerises and a green Graffiti Pochette - both for rather low prices. Still angry about that... :Push:
    Oh, and a wonderful Cerises Speedy 2 weeks ago... wasn't sure about it's authencity at this time. :cry:
  8. It wasn't an LV...but there was a Balenciaga seafoam first on eBay. The price was high so I decided to sleep on it, and when I woke up and decided to buy it, someone had already used BIN.
  9. used cerise speedy, like a month ago i think under 900 bucks

    now thats a deal!
  10. authentic grafitti pochette and speedy for what i now know are great prices.

  11. i think it depends on the condition, personally if there was a beat up graffiti speedy at 850-900 bucks i wouldnt buy it.

    wait hold up, you can repair the handles and such, nevermind i change my mind :graucho:
  12. The Saleya PM for $550, somebody BIN just before I got the thumbs up from MP.

  13. oooh kathyy, who was the seller!
  14. Last January, a Damier Ipanema GM sold for $109. Seller had wonderful pics but had misspelled Vuitton -- I was going to snipe that one but we had a blizzard which took out our satellite internet connection about 6 hours before it ended. It was a sad moment when we finally got back online and I saw what that went for. :sad: I don't even like the bag, but it was only at around $75 before we lost our connection and I was liking it more and more by the minute. :smile:

    Lost out on a Cerises Pochette that went for about $135 a few weeks ago -- bad bad pics and description. By the time I determined it was authentic, the auction had ended.
  15. When I was first going to get my Peach Graffiti pochette, I was looking through this one guy's auctions and the description of one said that he had a Peach Graffiti pochette in great condition that he hadn't listed yet. So I was going back and forth with him and I was sure I was going to get it since we were working out payment options, shipping, etc. Then that same morning, he listed it (which was really stupid of him since I told him I had to leave for a couple hours but would buy it once I got back) and soon after, someone used the BIN option to get it for only $350 including shipping. I was SO unbelievably mad at him for listing it despite my telling him I'd buy it when I got back but there wasn't much I could do after that... :sad:

    Then in the store, I missed out on the Vienna Mizi in that plum/deep purple color..I picked it up then went away to do more shopping and by the time I came back a couple hours later it was gone.
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