The one that got away....

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  1. OK, was there a Jimmy Choo bag that you really wanted? Maybe you visited it several times and decided against it...or it was gone! Perhaps you fell asleep five minutes before the auction ended.

    It haunts you in your dreams...
    You look for it on the arm of another when you walk down the street...
    You could kick yourself for not getting that _________.

    For me it is the Electric Blue Mahala. Sure, I have it's little sister Maddy. But Maddy would be looking for a new home in a New York second, if EB Mahala came my way.

    And you?
  2. Funny, mine is the EB Maddy! I had an EB Mahala...sent it back, too big and it had a large scratch and an EB Marin...sold it.
    Damn it jburgh...if you didn't already have a burgundy Radiant, I'd trade you mine for that Maddy:crybaby::girlsigh:
  3. aw, i'm sorry for the bag that got away ladies.:sad:
    i'm too new to jimmy choo to have loved and lost....yet.:graucho:
    hoping with all your help and and insight i can grab the ones that i want asap!
    it really helps to know about everything coming out beforehand and to see the pics and be able to decide.:tup:
    so, thank you to all you ladies :heart:and all the wonderful SAs that are so enabling...;)
  4. Jburgh, I think your new turquoise Mahala is going to make you forge all about the EB! What a great color, and it's new, and it's bright and fun...I can't wait to see yours! :woohoo:

    As for me, the one that got away....hmmm....that will probably be the tan suede Riki if I'm not able to get if for 50% off down the road! :crybaby: The color is just too light to ever justify paying full price since I don't think it will hold up all that well. :tdown:
  5. [​IMG]

    :crybaby:This one. :crybaby:
    It's not EVEN out YET so I havent decided - and it's gone.
    Why is the world so mean sometimes? I need an answer... :sad:
  6. [​IMG]

    this is the one that is in the current InStyle US mag with Tamara

  7. BOGUS!:bagslap:

    DOUBLE BOGUS! :graucho:

    You may be able to talk yourself out of that Riki, but you'll never fool me! :nogood:
  8. oh I was going to mention this too.

    I didn't realize its pretty light.
    I need to see it in person.
  9. Oh Jburgh you're such a teaser! :p
    Stinker - can you handle this?? lol! :lol:
  10. Aha! See how the world is.. arghh...:hysteric:
  11. definitely the tan biker ramona!!!!!!!! I sooooo should've gotten it!!!
  12. Well looks like Jburgh's swingin' her fightin' Choo (I'm assuming that's your EB Mahala you're swinging at me in that smilie??)! :bagslap:

    I know...I SO want to love the tan Riki but I think like the cream Ring it's just too light for me. OK, look. Here's yet ANOTHER bit of Stinkerbelle trivia for y'all (still feeling a bit Southern!). ;)

    I'm one of those people who if you go to lunch with me, I can have the freaking Chef's salad and somehow, and I don't know how, I'll still end up with pasta sauce on my sweater! :rolleyes:

    So I do try to avoid the lighter color bags, and especially suede.

    But ya know what? I'm tired of spilling all my secrets! Someone else's turn!! :popcorn:
  13. me too.

    Ok - my turn ..I'll confess:shame::shame:
    I am completely unable to wear white pants. I don't care if you put me in a Michael Jackson air chamber I will get a coffee stain or something worse on it. Ugh! :O
  14. I try to match my colors with dinner.... Red for pasta night, burnt orange for curry. Works good for me, cause the *girls* seem to get in the way of falling food. :graucho:
  15. LOL! I def. don't have that food ends up on my pants, completely skips my top!