The One That Got Away!!!

  1. This thread is about that purse that you bought, had doubts about, returned, & then regretted it, or the one you thought about buying but didn't. I am constantly reminded of the charcoal suede with metallic leather trim Mandy that I got at the outlet for only, get this...$250!! It was originally $800!! I got 3 of them and kept them for about 2 months, unused. They were such a good deal I was going to let friends buy the other 2 from me or sell them on eBay, but then I decided not to hassle with it and that I did not need any more purses and since I already had a white Mandy, I took them back to the store :noggin: And get this, they immediately marked them back UP to $600!!! So nobody even got a good deal on them :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
    I hope I can one day forget about the terrible mistake I made.
  2. Wow thats some story!! I will always regret exchanging my chocolate signature legacy shoulder bag. I thought it was too bulky under my arm so I exchanged it for the chocolate signature bleecker. Loved that for about 5 minutes, but I realized I couldnt get past the strap being so long. I eventually returned the bleecker for my choc sig Leigh, which I love, but I still regret not keeping the shoulder bag. I dont need two choc sig bags, so this will remain the one that got away!
  3. I recently returned a jean patchwork Carly for a Tattersall travel tote. I had the large hobo in the same print (seen below), but it just isn't the same. :crybaby:
  4. the 06 lrgacy shoulder bag is my purse that got away. also i love my soho flap (large) but find the shape not 2 b v functional.
  5. mine is the 06 legacy satchel in black - i love that damn bag, i have it in pond and wish i had gotten in all the colors seriously

    the bag i may regret, Lily and maybe Elisa, they both scratch easily, I hate that.
  6. Gold trim medium Carly! I bought her and used her about 5 times... I thought she was too flashy. I sold her on eBay and got what I paid for, but I miss that bag so much!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I regret not keeping my khaki/chocolate signature stripe shoulder tote. I had one, and sold it on eBay. I also regret not grabbing a white Ali and an '06 legacy satchel in whiskey. I have this bag in black, but I also love the whiskey. (I'm in love with this color as I already own Mandy and Lily in this color!). Once I scrape up enough $$ I should be able to get all of these on Ebay!!
  8. I still long for the 2006 mahogany patent leather gallery tote. It's not on Ebay much or in JAX. The color was gorgeous, and while there is something similar this year, it's just not the same (sigh).
  9. Mine was the red patent ergo hobo! I bought it in june at PCE and had it for about 2 weeks and then sold it because I though I probably wouldn't use such a red shiny bag :rolleyes:

    I bought the vintage leather ergo hobo in it's place on sale for $250 and now I don't like to use that bag from fear of water stains or color transfer.. it already is a little discolored from my jeans... I don't know what to do with it:sad:

    I want the red patent one back!!!!!!!
  10. Yep, I sure do make my mistakes in giving back bags and then when I decide I made that mistake, it costs me..for then if they are still available..I end up buying them back at full price. I gave back a lovely color whiskey slim flap for I could not carry the larger Ali and it was a great color and had a great wallet to match. I got it on a pce too at the lower Coach price before they raised their prices about $50.00. I was not sure it was too heavy, which it still is..BUT...I had to have it again. This year I got nuts and wanted it back. It was nowhere to be found and was $428.00, not the great PCE price of $271.00 I ended up paying. I got it back at full price and bought the wristlet, which I am still debating on that one. The leather is a bit different too. My other regret is that I did not keep the denim shoulder tote that also came in white about 2005 in tye dye. Every time I see it on someone, I regret bringing it back. I cannot find one good reason, along with the chocolate signature beaded tote in brown, that I ever did such things. So much for insight. The ones that just got away, sigh...they still sting us a bit, don't they? Great thread, Jennifer.
  11. try the coach leather moisturizer! I saw my manager rubbing it on this camel colored hamptons bag and it rubbed off this dark blue mark that was on there
  12. I enjoyed reading your stories ladies. I'd love to keep reading more!