The one that got away.....

  1. We all have one. The precious bag we never bought and completely regretted it. Right now mine's the Katy striped tote. A coworker of mine brings hers to work everyday and my heart just sinks every time I see it. Man it's unbelievably gorgeous :crybaby: So....please share your story. What's the great bag that got away from you?
  2. ^^^ I've seen some on eBay recently!!
  3. I know eBay is my only option. I've just had so much trouble in the past. I know it will be totally worth it though.
  4. Don't forget there's also the newly released small version of the tote which is now available and can be purchased with PCE.
  5. I saw it in the boutique a few days ago and it is super cute! I love the larger tote more though. Hmmm I wonder how much the baby one is (runs to get catalog)
  6. The one that got away... the white Mandy in our store... :cry:
  7. Oh man white mandy....ouch! That bag is so gorgeous!
  8. If I remember correctly, it is $298.00, so with the pce discount before 6/30 it is only 223.50. :tup:
  9. Ah man I'm dying LOL. This sale is killing me. I've already bought 3 bags on PCE and for me that's a lot LOL. I am already tempted to order a signature chelsea hobo (tobacco/khaki) and leather chelsea hobo (toffee) and now this.
  10. You guys are so bad for me, such enablers. Now I want this striped tote. Anyway the one that got away from me was the Coach Suede Butterfly duffle No. 9293. If anyone sees this bag on eBay please pm me immediately. thanks, Liz


  11. It was SO beautiful. It sat in our store on a special display for 4 months and I didn't buy it. I finally made up my mind to get it, and it was gone :sad: :cry: :crybaby:

    But I got my legacy shoulder from '06 in black signature and leather instead, and I LOVE it!
  12. I think you and the Legacy Shoulder black signature bag were meant for each other. The white Mandy was gorgeous as well but just not meant to be. Maybe you will get a Mandy in a new fall color instead!
  13. Legacy 7458 in white
  14. 2005 holiday patchwork duffle, but I've seen that it "sheds" where the fur is, so I've let it go. I actually almost got the demi at TJ Maxx last week, but it was sooo tiny, I knew I'd never use it.
  15. It does shed where the patch is, just from rubbing up against you. It's such a pretty bag though.