The one that got away?

  1. I've decided to come clean after many, many years of suppressing my grief. I went to buy my very first grown-up bag when I was 16 years old. It was an Oroton (Aussi brand) in creamy tan leather sort of in a bucket hobo shape. And my father was bankrolling the visit (it was a favour returned for appearing in some of his commercials - children, good source of cheap labour!)

    While my dad was there, he commented that he thought the bag I had chosen was a bit impractical and wouldn't I be better off choosing the single strap shoulder bag in the same collection? Instead of telling him to stick his opinions where they belonged, what would he know, in the innocence of youth I LISTENED TO MY FATHER. I know what you're all thinking: idiot.

    So instead of the bag I had chosen, had been drooling over for months, had selected with care and consideration, I went home with the one my dad mentioned. And never used it.

    It still hurts. And I still scour eBay occasionally looking in vain for that very Oroton bag. sigh.

    So what's the bag that you didn't get and regret not getting?