The one that got away - reminder to buy it when you can!

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  1. I was browsing eBay last night, and a wonderful lady posted her eggplant MAM with a BIN of $375 or best offer (and free shipping if you used the BIN!). I mean, I found this bag within 20 minutes of it being posted! I hemmed and hawed and conferred with DH (who reminded me how many times I've said I have enough handbags to last for the rest of my life) (silly man) and I thought some more ... and 25 minutes go by .... and I thought ... no, I want this bag. I'll see if she'll take my best offer... and five minutes later the bag is GONE - somebody else made a best offer of $350.00 and beat me to it.

    Freck. Frack. PHOOEY. I am kicking myself. I should have just used the BIN. It was a good deal, a good price, and a PURPLE MAM!!!

    NEXT time I see such a deal come through on eBay I am ON IT. And now there probably won't BE another one.

    I am still sick about it this morning.

    SO - this is a gentle reminder to you ladies to NOT let a deal go by on eBay - if the price is right, the seller has good feedback, and you know you want it, just DO IT. Don't be left out, withheld, out in the cold like I am.:crybaby:
  2. I saw that one too! I couldn't believe how quickly it sold. It's a pretty rare bag. I'm sure you will find one, Indiaink! If I see one, I will let you know =)
  3. Hi India!! I will definitely let you know if I see another one. I'm sorry this happened to you :tdown:
  4. Thanks, ladies.:crybaby:
  5. You really have to move fast, unfortunately. That's happened to me, too. But another one will probably pop up again! Have faith! :smile:
  6. :hugs: Awww... I'll also be on the lookout for you.
  7. ladies, i was the one who purchased it. If I dislike it, I'll definitely let you know, Indiaink.
  8. I hear you! A while ago EmilyGrace had a chocolate matinee on sale for under $400 and I let it go... today, i bought on from Funkylala for more $, still got 25% off.. But, still, I should've purchased it a long time ago for a lot cheaper!
  9. I'm so sorry about your bag slipping away :crybaby: I'll make sure to let you know if I see one!!!
  10. wow i should check emilygrace more often
  11. It was on sale and i had a coupon code! argh! oh well.. i have it now! :smile:
  12. did you ever post pics?
  13. i just got the chocolate matinee a few hours ago! i posted pics of my Royal MAB a while ago when i got it.
  14. oh okay. i thought you had it with you right now. :P
  15. I do, it's still wrapped in tissue paper and in the shopping bag! :smile: