The one that got away?! Olsen Tote for $899

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  1. you're kidding! i can't believe it went for only 899!!!!!
  2. Yeah, MJ pointed this out to me this morning! I'm shocked that a TPF-er didn't get it.....well as far as we know. Where was it hiding?
  3. Maybe because this is the beige/back version and not the total black version like on the Olsen twin?

    Anyhow, it is a great deal for $899!
  4. I'm not that familiar with the bag but I thought both styles were lusted after here! I thought one tpf'er got both in the past? Was it Celia?!! :confused1:

    Or was there a blue one as well!?!? I thought it was a great deal at $899 too!
  5. :wtf: $899....that's deal of the year.....

    Congrats to the buyer, I wish that's a pfer.
  6. Wow! Missed that one... wish I had seen that. That was a great deal!!
  7. Hot bag. Maybe someone from the PF bought it.
  8. OMG... it BETTER have been a PF-er! Where was I?? Wah! ;)

    By the way MJ, it's ladydeluxe that has both, to the best of my knowledge, I think Celia has the all black version. (no, I'm not a PF stalker, I just have a good memory -but only when it comes to bags, LOL)
  9. Someone with private feedback bought it, probably a reseller. I'm sure we'll see this listed again at a much higher price.
  10. crazy, crazy deal! it wouldve definitely went for way more than 899 had it been auction style
  11. Wow, I thought it was the all black version that went for $899 and freaked out. I'm sure if it had been auction style, it would've gone for at least $1500. I personally do not like this version. I love my all black one though! :heart:
  12. I think you're right Roey. I've seen that ID before. I'm sure it will be back on in a couple of weeks.
  13. its crazy how all of us missed that, i dont get it, i have been browsing n browsing ebay the whole day and still missed it hiks...its not my HG but i know lots of people here been coveting for this bag!
  14. haha, that's got to qualify as the fastest sale I have ever seen on eBay! Listing lasted a total of 2mins,18secs

    Start time: Mar-27-08 10:31:00 PDT
    Ended: Mar-27-08 10:33:18 PDT