The One That Did Not Get Away!

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  1. How many times do I see a Chanel on the Secondary Market and I say, "man I wish I had seen that when it was released and available!".

    And of course it's selling for over retail. :amazed:

    Well, it didn't happen this time. I had been looking for a really outstanding Pink handbag with bling. And wow did I find it!
  2. Here's my new favorite.
    Pink Sequin CF 002.JPG Pink Sequin CF 006.JPG Pink Sequin CF 016.JPG
  3. A CF in size M/L with Sequins.
    Pink Sequin CF 020.JPG Pink Sequin CF 023.JPG Pink Sequin CF 013.JPG
  4. This one just shines like the sun. Perfect for Summer. :sunshine:

    Even the CC closure has an unusual look to it.
    Pink Sequin CF 027.JPG
  5. She joins all my other bling. I wonder if they're jealous of each other hanging out in my closet??? :P
    Pink Sequin CF 035.JPG Pink Sequin CF 037.JPG Pink Sequin CF 033.JPG
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  6. I just love that gorgeous pink interior too. I'll take extra special care of this one. But have lots of fun carrying it too!

    Thanks for stopping by. :smile:
    Pink Sequin CF 008.JPG Pink Sequin CF 018.JPG
  7. Wow this is so pretty!!!
  8. Thank you Joey. I'm so glad you like it. Pink isn't for everyone, nor is this kind of bling. But it has Tulip2 written all over it! :graucho:
  9. Love it and love the detail shots (especially on the closure - so glad - I was wondering if I saw a special closure design and then it's like you read my mind and did a close up!). I noticed that it even has a silver plate inside instead of the heat stamp, which is so nice.

    I like that it's got a "icy" glazed look to it, it's like a pretty icy pink - which you know I absolutely love.

    It does have your name all over it, for sure! :thinking:

    I was surprised to see that the price is actually pretty awesome for such a special piece and in M/L too!!!

    When you have a chance, perhaps a few mod shots? it would be so pretty as a clutch too.... :cloud9:

    I feel like this bag wants to party :lol:
  10. Bling is always good!🏻🏻
  11. Wow this is so glamorous!! Wish I had places to go with this too!!
  12. This is so gorgeous!
  13. Enjoy your new bag! :biggrin:
  14. This is so fun and sparkly and gorgeous!! Enjoy!!
  15. Congrats on the beautiful sparkling bag:smile: