The one that almost got away...

  1. I passed on this beautiful bag last year when it was released. By the time I finally decided I had to have it I couldn't find one. I was told it was sold out everywhere. I was thrilled to find out that Chanel was re-releasing the lady braid for Fall so I put my name down on the waitlist for the dark grey, which is gorgeous, but I still pined for the violet from 2006.:crybaby:

    Well my favorite SA (Brendan) at Chanel on E. 57th Street was able to locate the last one for me last week. I'm am so beyond thrilled!:yahoo: This is a refreshing splash of color for my collection and just in time for Fall.
    Lady Braid 004.jpg Lady Braid 003.jpg 8-17-07 010.jpg 8-17-07 006.jpg 8-17-07 012.jpg
  2. Woah! Hot bag!!!!
  3. congrates. very nice. love the color.
  4. This was certainly meant to be yours! Congrats Mon, I'm so happy for you! :yahoo:

    And I looove the 2006 violet, it is so beautiful :nuts:
  5. o that is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!! congrats!!!! it was meant to be yours!
  6. congrats on finding this bag!!! it looks great on you!!!
  7. Mon,

    I am so happy you found one!!! The LB looks FABULOUS on you!!! Enjoy it to death!! Are you still getting the gray one as well?

  8. that color is fierce! Love it!
  9. Monica, it's gorgeous. What a beautiful color for fall.

    Congrats and Enjoy!
  10. Thanks GG, I would love to have it in dark grey also. I'm so broke right now though.:sad: Maybe if I can find it available next year - hopefully it won't be sold out *wishing*.
    Black Lady Braid Tote $2695.jpg
  11. mon the bag looks gorgeous on you ! I love the color its gorgeous :smile:
  12. sphere99, kaka28, BagLover26, alouette, piperlu, kaka - thanks so much ladies.:smile:
    Beautylicious - thanks Nathalie. I love the color!

    jeshika - thanks, I definitely think it was meant to be.
  13. So glad Brendan found it for you - it's gorgeous!
  14. Hi Mon, congrats, I am so glad you were able to get it. The color is amazing!!
  15. it's very pretty, congrats!