The one (or two or three) that got away...

  1. I was just browsing thru the collection pics and thats what made me think of this. I don't know if it has ever been brought up before, but I know we all have had items that "got away", that we may still be searching for that someone out there might have and might want to show us a picture of. :smile: Anyway, I thought it would be neat to share. My "got aways" :

    From 1999-Brown leather wedge sandals. Until Corundogs pics, I had not seen those shoes but maybe once since 1999. Been kicking myself since then for not getting them.

    Spring 05-polka dot umbrella and wristlet. My fault-couldn't make up my mind. Periodically check eBay for them though.

    Fall 05-Demi soho flap bag in camel with studs/crystals. Same thing, couldn't make up my mind.

    Fall 05-Chelsea (I think) demi bag in the pewter color. I loved it, but the retail was $498-coincidentally the same 498 reasons why I couldn't have it. Haven't seen it on eBay at all.

    If anyone has any pics they want to post of these guys, I would LOVE see them!
  2. Mine is the pink zebra umbrella and green zebra large tote. They're both floating on eBay but not for the price I paid or cheaper and as much as I want them, I'm not shelling out more than what I want to pay. LOL.
  3. Aw kathyrose too bad you don't live in Washington. Burlington, WA had TONS of the large green zebra totes 2 months ago.

    Mine is that large pocket satchel with the large C's and the white leather trim. Some people sell it on ebay but I'd have to pay lot's of duty because I live in Canada. I wanted it sooo bad but I was going to school at the time and had no pennies to spare! Plus in Vancouver it would have been almost $700 with tax :sad:
  4. The python chenille bag from last year.. I managed to get the clutch but not the bag.

    This one -

  5. Ayla:

    Just saw that bag 30 minutes ago at the Off Fifth near my house. It was $185.99. I don't know whether there is an Off Fifth anywhere near you, but I just thought I'd let you know. :smile:
  6. The large large large version of the duffle sac in the khaki signature. there are none to be found anywhere... unless I've missed it...

    I dont know the official name of it, but hopefully you know what i'm talking about
  7. I don't know the official name of it, but I think I know the one you're talking about. A co-worker had it and I used to tease her that she could carry me to my car in it. :smile:
  8. Both of these items...I only got the coin purse wristlet.
    7427_d1.jpg 6744_d1.jpg
  9. shelbell, I love that line!

    I missed out on the embossed minisignature collection and paid outrageous prices on ebay for it. Hah.

    I can't think of anything in particular now ... hmm. Will have to give this some consideration!
  10. Jennierelaine -

    There's a Chelsea Metallic Hobo available this season for a little (not much) less - $428. It's still showing up on Coach's website. I missed out on the purple mosaic hobo last year. Could kick myself for waiting too long to buy.
  11. Aww.. thanks !

    There's an Off 5th at the Niagara Falls Fashion Outlets but they're usually kind of crappy there. I'll have to go check it out ! :yes:

  12. Hahaha Sounds about right!!
  13. Well, if they don't have it and you still really want it, maybe they'll do a Charge Send for you? I'm the world's worst about deciding I want something when it is nowhere to be found and the SAs have to call all over the country for it, literally! :smile: If you do decide, it was at the Off Fifth in Charlotte/Concord, NC (don't know where it technically falls-Concord, I think).
  14. Thanks Susmia-I'll have to check it out! I just LOVE the metallics!
  15. The bag that I missed out on and am still kicking myself for to this day is the patchwork suede hobo from 03 (I believe :shrugs: ). It had gorgeous colors (blue, orange, reds) :love: I havent seen it since it was in stores. :crybaby:Heaven help me if I find it... that bag will be MINE. :P