The one LV you'll always think about and never have...

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  1. My Suhali L'Extravagant that I have wanted since 2004!!!! lol I still hope to get it though!!!!
  2. Bequia trotteur mm in the darker color I saw it once didnt get it and now I cant find it anymore...although it was a little pricey for me at the time....I also didnt like the gold hardware....which I suppose means I shouldnt have gotten it and made the right choice, but I still think about it...
  3. Mine is MC keepall. I kept putting it off and now it's discontinued I guess l will have to check ebay in the future.
  4. Mostly LV luggage pieces and this one in particular. I think I'm just more of a luggage person when it comes to LV.

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  5. I'm always looking for a LV Beggars bag in black from the conte de fees line...I really want one...always have..but I want one is prestine condition...maybe someday.
  6. I didn't have many that I wanted until I started reading through everyone's posts on this thread. NOw there are several that I was reminded of, that I WANT!!!!! Oh this board can be soooo dangerous (but good:graucho:)
  7. Pieces from the Eye Love collection. :love:
  8. Fuchsia Perfo Musette...aka the one that got away!
  9. Mine WAS the Cerises Speedy 25 ... I really never thought I'd be able to get one since I missed out when they were available, BUT I just recently bought one and it has now found it's way into my little purse family. I'm soooo happy!
  10. l'epanoui PM....
    and also..
    manhattan PM..unless i'm lucky with getting a great deal...i have my own limits to how much each bag can cost...
  11. Graffiti keepall (any color).
    Mandarin Pochette Cles.
  12. Waterproof carryall. :sad:. It's too $$ for me.
  13. MC speedy in white, but I can't pull it off.
  14. graffiti keepall
  15. There are a few LE that i really wanted. But the one that i am heartbroken over is the Mini mink papillion.:crybaby: