The one LV you'll always think about and never have...

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  1. all Pink/pink & Red/cream Cherry Blossoms line..
    Suhali Le Fabuleux & Le Talenteux in White & Verone :Push:
    Dentelle Kirsten hehe :biggrin:
  2. Nomade Steamer Bag:graucho:
  3. The Oskar Waltz :nuts:
  4. Any of the CB Satin line. I thought they were so gorgeous!
  5. miroir alma in gold... *sigh*
  6. mirror keepall
    tobago carryall
    cabas whistler
  7. Probably either the Oskar Waltz or the Cerises Lizard Deuville. Just out of my budget ATM! day it will be mine :smile:
  8. Miroir anything
  9. Mine would have to be either the Black and White Graffiti Alma or a Graffiti Speedy (probably the Khaki) - I just can't afford them!
  10. Nomade Neguev travel bag, or Nomade Robusto 1
  11. Here is a pic of the Neguev, from Ebay...

    Attached Files:

  12. I want a large old trunk- not gonna happen.
  13. Cherry & Graffiti Speedy , Graffiti & Panda Pochette.
  14. Probably the pink CB papillon and hopefully not the black vienna Mizi (someday maybe?).
  15. Black Mizi Vienna...