The one LV you'll always think about and never have...

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  1. Agreed!! When I saw it on SATC I drooled!! :love:
  2. Anything from the red Cherry Blossom Line

    Suhali Geranium L'Extravagant

    Green Graffiti Keepall 45

    Glace wallet

    Cerises Keepall 45

    Ambre Cabas Neo

    Blue Cabas bag from the Eponge Line
  3. I agree with pursemama:cry:
  4. That one!!! The Monogram Waltz Dora. Oh god, it's so beautiful.

    Also the Swarovski Les Extraordinaires Theda.
  5. Never say Never. My pilosophy - if you want it, you can have it!
  6. Alligator and Denim Sac Femoir :love:
  7. White MC Trouville

    And the white MC petite bucket that I wish they would just make already.
  8. Suhali Le Fabuleux in white
    Suhali L'Epanoui in white

    Although I've been thinking of them so much lately that I might just run out and buy one of them! Only I can't decide which one, because I love them both.
  9. L'Extravagant $4,900

  10. Sorry double post!
  11. The Eye Dare You!!!! I always day dream about that bag Or a MC one!!
  12. The recent denim patchwork speedy..
  13. i wanted that little black velour bag that i believe came out for fall/winter 2004-2005. it had black alligator trim :love:


    this one's blue, but i have one a photo in my catalog where it looks black. who cares, i love it anyway :heart:
  14. Miroir Speedy in silver....... I just can't fork out more than retail!

    :graucho: my lockit is doing the job though---- for now...
  15. I only have one bag, but one bag I know I will never have is the Mono Stephen.