The one LV you'll always think about and never have...

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  1. For now it would have to be:
    Cerises Speedy
    Le Fabuleux
  2. A MC papillon that LV will never make. :cry:
  3. The $50,000 black multicolor luggage set from the neiman marcus christmas book.
  4. Girl, I dream about that bag:love:
  5. Suhahli Fab.
    Maybe one day when I have a profitable career, but it's too far away. Love that bag, though.
  6. Red/cream CB papillion
    Suhali le fab
    Goat/ostrich theda (don't know if its PM or GM)
  7. Definitely the Cerises speedy. And the Sac plat.

    I'm disgusted at myself for my lack of foresight.
  8. Cherry Blossom Retro in cream/red
    Suhali Le Fabuleux

    :love: :love: :love:
  9. The Mizi Vienna in black.:love: :love:
  10. Cherry Blossom Papillion in Cream/Red
    B+W Graffiti Alma
  11. :love: That would be my choice as well. There are a few authentic ones on Ebay.
  12. mine would have to be the Manhattan GM... maybe one day i'll surprise myself and actually go buy it! HA HA
  13. I want a cb papillon, too but ebay scares me.
  14. The dalmation bag. I do not believe it is available any longer.:sad:
  15. cerises speedy