The one LV you'll always think about and never have...

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  1. I just wondered what LV, if any, you desire that you may never get. Mine is the cerises speedy. Although I don't plan for my bag collection to stop growing anytime soon, I don't think this bag will ever make it into my collection.
  2. Hmm... I want the Cherry Blossom Retro. That is a cute bag.
  3. Le Fab, it's just priced fabulously out of my budget.
  4. I think I've gotten most of my dream bags, except for this one :cry:
    [​IMG]I believe it's called Mono Waltz Dora design by MJacobs for LV or that one MJacobs gave to Oprah.....:love: it was so beautiful..I want!

    I think you'll get your Mono Cherise, one day :smile: !
  5. 1.grafiti Line
    2.suhali L'extravagant
  6. LOVE that LV bag...I would prefer to see it as "what lv will you get ONE DAY"...b/c I believe you get and do whatever you want as long as you work hard and save!
  7. CB Papillon pink/pink
  8. Um....for right now..
    *Red/Creme CB Papillon
    *Suhali Le Tal in black
  9. I want the Oscar-Waltz. It's a beauty :love: *sigh*
  10. Definitely the Mono Waltz :sad: *sigh*
  11. Cerises Petit Bucket
    Le Fabuleux
  12. Swarovski Theda PM from the Les Extraordinaires collection:love:
  13. Eye Dare You : (
  14. Hmmm I think mine will be the Oprah Lv bag. Too die for!!
  15. Cherry Blossom Papillon (exactly the one seen in SATC)
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