The one item you NEVER buy full price

  1. Jeans.
  2. Levis jeans.
    Shoes (50% off my store or states for shopping)
    Anything from P&G, SCJ, J&J, Unilever
    Almost all household items
    Purses (paid overseas price on my LV)
    Accessories (employee %)

    I do pay full price on makeup however. :nogood:
  3. I try to not buy underwear full price!!
  4. Clothes in general
  5. Designer clothing! Only when there's a great deal.
  6. Clothing in general since it wears faster than most things.

    I try to get groceries and household stuff on sale and with a coupon if possible.
  7. Underwear and bras... I stock up when I find what I wear on sale at Nordies
  8. Underwears and def find AMAZING deals on those nowadays. I can def count on Marshall's for that.
  9. So true, underwear and bras! Whenever I go to nyc I always head to century21 and get my CK bras on sale! They have the best selection in my size!

    Shampoo and conditioner. I rotate brands and if I'm buying a drugstore brand I get it on sale, because they are always on sale at least once a month.

    Plane tickets to Europe. I don't necessarily wait for a 'seat sale' but I know what is a good price an what isn't. I will never pay the inflated prices.
  10. I don't pay retail for any kind of fashion item. I've always bought on sale. I never needed a particular item that badly. (You can find something similar in another brand or another store.)
  11. BDG Jeans, JC Litas. I would actually buy these items at full price but I just try not to if I can help it. So far, I've been able to help it. ;)
  12. Most clothing, I get bored fast.
  13. Any clothing. I buy my clothing at Express, A&F (not logo items) and American Eagle...they always mail out coupons for like $30 off of $100 and $70 off of $200 plus have sales in the store on items. I pay full price for certain things that I feel are worth it and I know I cant find on sale (LV bags, classic UGGS, things like that).
  14. I never say never but thus far I haven't spent full price on any of my designer shoes. I mean even with the ones I have gotten on deep discount I end up getting worried about wearing them/getting them dirty so I can't imagine how I'd feel spending $500+ on a pair.
  15. I never pay retail for anything, skincare cosmetics I try to stock up on during specials or duty free.