The One(ish) A Month Club

  1. Thanks flower :smile: always happens like this....when I say I will try to be good, something happens and I end up going crazy for that month....

    Like last month I told myself no more balenciaga jackets....and I got 3 the very next week!!!!

    But this month....I will try harder lol
  2. Thanks!
  3. Thanks! Especially like your new tributes! So comfy and pretty at the same time. And the valentinos are adorable!
  4. Wow! Since shoes don't really count, you are good :graucho:

    I'm done for July already, I bought a really nice Belstaff white wool sweater I know I will wear for ages. It is very simple, great quality, I'm happy. Usually, if I have even a hint of a thought of returning something, I know I shouldn't buy it. Not this time :biggrin:
    In June I've got a couple of Nina Ricci silk tops on sale and nothing else.
  5. I love camel coats so much - the cut and style of this one is perfect. Great pick!

    Your picks are amazing - congrats on treating yourself. The bag and coats are TDF.

    I almost bought nothing this month since I was in the midst of moving...but the last day of the month I was all settled and popped into Saks and J. Crew. I got this ombre pink Shoshanna dress that I'll wear to a few summer events. I also decided that when buying a dress like this, I need to make room for it in my closet. I had a five-year-old dress that I loved to pieces, but it was a white dress and it was a bit discolored and had a small coffee stain on the front that just wouldn't budge. So I gave that away and have replaced it with this dress, which I can pair with flats for a nice brunch or heels for dinner out. A versatile summer dress, it's a great replacement. I also got this pink J. Crew dress for work (80% off) and since the deal was so good I picked up this neon orange shirt - it's super soft and looks great paired with white capris. Another fun summer staple. So three things, but I said I would be doing one-ish for sure, and since one purchase is for my work wardrobe I didn't feel too bad going one over. July I definitely won't do well based on the purchases I have planned, but I'm trying to keep it as scaled down as possible! We shall see. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1373217092.127287.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1373217102.519969.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1373217111.140458.jpg
  6. I was in this club....
  7. Thanks so much!
  8. Love the Shoshanna dress!
  9. I pretend I'm still in this club.
  10. Haha me too. Today I bought the Celine leopard espadrilles I have been wanting since before they came out! I wish that I had gotten them sooner! My other July purchase is the Isabel Marant Etoile Ankara fluffy jacket that I posted above. July is my birthday month so I guess these are birthday presents to myself? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1373321345.004484.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1373321394.315069.jpg
  11. Oops ImageUploadedByPurseForum1373321428.724050.jpg
  12. thank you! i'm going to have a lot of fun wearing it this summer. I laughed so hard at your "oops" post - reminds me of when I get home with a shopping bag in my hands, I say the same exact thing to my fiancée :lol:
  13. I thought I was going to have a zero month for July, but I ended up with a haul from Gap because I was concerned that they were phasing out my HG jeans (I needed a smaller size anyway. :smile:). So I got:

    3 pairs of jeans (HG in dark wash, medium blue cropped, striped cropped)
    2 pairs of workout shorts (the comfy cotton knit kind)
    1 pair of calf hair leopard flip flops (so cute with nail polish)
    1 striped tank (slenderizing ;) )
    1 super soft heather gray tee shirt (flowy, like silk)


    Almost everything was about half off, and I only spent about $200 for 8 items, so I don't feel bad. I was happy with the quality of everything. Each item filled a missing niche in my wardrobe.

    :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  14. Lol....well if shoes don't count, then does that mean I was good in June? haha
  15. haha, I am also in...I haven't put down in writing what I got last month, oops:biggrin:...more than one I guess:p